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Yeah when they were down by two at halftime and then i thought cleveland's win in this game i just thought toronto it felt like toronto was leading by more than two and then lebron hits shot you go into halftime you're down to and i went cleveland's winning this game and then all of a sudden boom 'cause lebron didn't do much in the first quarter and then all of a sudden lebron dial it up certainly in the third quarter i was impressive impressive to save tonight warriors in the pels that's game three rockets in the jazz game three the knicks hired david phys dale more on that hiring coming up in a moment because it is lebron related believe it or not the warriors hiring david phys dale the former memphis grizzlies coach he'll he'll take over matt ryan gets paid and if i'm aaron rodgers probably with danika patrick last night i'm probably getting a nice bottle of champagne and toasting matt ryan aaron rodgers and aaron rodgers agent is probably saying yes they gave him a hundred million guaranteed for matt ryan dilly dilly dilly hundred million guaranteed how do you validate that contract if you're matt ryan like what do you not that he has to still going to get paid but if you're a falcons fan you gotta have a super bowl right is that was that where you say and any so if he had won that super bowl nobody would question this they go helio.

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