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The next ten thousand years will all know me as the girl who spilled art all over heather fin chandler i mean congrats society tube we know we've given a random high school junior insure woodall oh more power than william randolph hearst cut did i kohler of fatty i wish heather chamber would just die so that i can finally be free and uh he allison he'll that they were gonna get into a couple of games are okay but also ssim did you know that allison was almost a professional ice skater who told me that that's the amazing i know well you have video are old video of like you should be let us of worst thing about growing up when i was my age there weren't any cell phones or nobody ira there could have been the you know the great thing now didn't have that there is no record of my past i have no idea what i was like is a growing news i skated i didn't get very far he wasn't a professional skater or a um i note what's the other one competitive or professional i just had the dream of doing it and did my you know my co compulsory figures which of those things that you know how the they go out on the ice and they'd cut figures and they have to go over trace exactly the loop they did and judges are down on the ice looking at your blade go by an ailing oh it's crazy i own and i only did i think i did my first or second test and their six of them and and and then i had my bickell accident where with who play class window in my skating career was over man as was my life post at which is a which is the crazy starring badly at but absent as is equality the eat i'm not sure you fully recognize that you deal but i think that you're a lot more competitive hope then you very competitive i know you are highly why had it i know two at the point where it i mean i'm in my family i'm the one who throws the boards and throws ping pong paddles at my brothers and my i.

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