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Time we're not we're sort of behind enemy lines were located in the people's Republic of Ann Arbor yeah we have a lot of psychotic love to see her again elected office and then think they're gonna they're gonna do stuff we have an idea first and stuff we want to do we're winning some regulations over here we're gonna change this all I had breakfast with a pal today not going to go to the details but I I've I've almost got toys in the people's Republic of Ann Arbor they I was about five years back they passed an ordinance to city council thinking about doing stuff and the ordinance was you can't sit in your car let it idle in the city if you're caught by legal ticket meaning we're gonna we're gonna save the universe global warming climate change will make sure that you're not wasting fossil fuels spewing pollution out into the streets around Arbor in other words middle of winter you're for example may be sitting on the side of the street why your wife friends and to buy something we all know that's like what forty five minutes later come back track and your sister would you go sit in the cold because you can't sit in your car well they still want to go through because I can't park here state so anyway this happened the spell my where I didn't our breakfast with today so somebody came out knocked on the window of the car it said you can't let your guard like that something like that I'm gonna call the police what what I'm not even a cop a citizen some leftists iconic out of an uber that's the way they think they're more often than not this town I I gotta tell ya I came to the people's Republic of Ann Arbor back in nineteen sixty six and I remember one as this was before it was sanitized for your protection strayed wiles while the street way cool that was it that's the way Ann Arbor that's one arm was fabulous now it's a micro manage hundred percent top down there anything you think should be one way in Ames the wrong way perfect case example what I just told you about the all the streets are for pedestrians they don't want cars yes cars drive on some of the streets with manta they make it hard they've got rid of all the streets you step four lines are taken on two lines and then they put a big Honkin bicycle passes probably have in your neck of the woods too and they put in those stupid if you see somebody with a flashlight start your own forty miles an hour plus thirty five but you're doing forty miles an hour and somebody wants to cross the street and you gotta stop forum that's insane that is straight up insane so while that's I know its the the wave of the well the president and all came down from the United Nations believer not with been over that's a hundred times but anyway knocking on the window freezing cold snow outside skews me do you know you are not supposed to sit with your car idling excuse me I thought you're an armed robber accordingly well it wasn't a gun that was just your head in the glove just just kidding but seriously that's insane somebody's gonna put that that's like when you were in elementary school and there was that one kid there but I want to beat the crap out of because they were squeal and everybody what what is every American citizen I don't they learn this in foreign countries in fact they don't I don't think they ever learned at East Germany but what's the number one thing you learn by the time you're in a second grade come on the tab is up you don't squeal don't square all well and that's what that person was doing was just being a squealer I'm gonna call the police if you don't show your car off well you know there's no apparently thirty degrees out I got it I don't care.

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