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Interesting bomani because it kinda makes me think about the larger conversation. Sports fans are having with the athletes and coaches they root for there's more of a transparency now as a sports fan not only. Do you want your favorite coaches and players to succeed. But oftentimes you want them to feel the same as you politically to stand up for issues that you believe in to have investments in companies you support the law that we put on these these men and women and it's a different time in the sports fan player coach relationship and the point. You're making about bobby bowden. The way he wanted to be remembered. What other choice do we have a sports fans to remember him that way and then for whatever we take away from that so where do you think the line draws with how much we can kinda poke in pry into the personal lives and personal beliefs of these men and women well. I think that there's a difference between asking people to agree with you politically and preferring that those that you pay homage to not believe support and endorse things that are somewhere between offensive and struck That i don't think is actually anything new Think about this case in point. I think it's in nineteen eighty three lou. Holtz gets fired at arkansas. Because he filmed campaign ad for jesse helms from his office. Now keep in mind. This is in the state of arkansas in nineteen eighty three and that got him fired. Okay and that's not just simply because they that is not something that was done simply because people disagree with jesse helms. I bet he pulled very well state. But you understand the point that i'm making that these things have come up all the time and we'd had them come up at many times that without i am obliged do from south land a little bit different for me because people who grew up in the age range of generation that idea which is coming after the beginning of some dawn of integration. You come across. Bobby bowden all the time and they treat you really really good. They're very nice. They charm your mama everything else but given your knowledge of the prevailing views of the area that you end you can't help but wonder to some degree. What this guy. Maybe not things about you but what he would think about you. You were not you if that makes sense. And there's a particular sorta heartbreak they can come up when you're that person and you hear somebody endorse something or put something that is not just something you disagree with but something that is an opposition to think that a fundamental to your be. I think throughout time and across the board no matter who the people are. They have made decisions about who they're going to root for in not root for based on those sorts of things and so. I don't think that part is really anything new. I think the part that do is that you have much more chatter about it. All things like those are bedia and so you wind up here. People say a lot of things out loud and it will be amplified but then in the end if whoever that person is winds up winning and nobody cares. We decided to have it with kanye west. Think about all the things you hear people say about. How done they were. Because they west he put on people up in stadium and the delta variant to go listen to albuquerque. Wendy with the album's about to come out. It's almost perfect l. Bomani waiting for it to be just right. You gotta get it just right appreciate you taking some time the right time. Podcast with bomani jones. Lastly i want to leave you with this you know we just had executive director of the wnba. Terry jackson come on the other day and talked about this. New commissioner's cup. The wnba has kicked off on thursday night. And you saw team. Usa get their seventh gold medal in a row filled with huge stars. In the w coming back for the second half of the season what do you make of the cultural moment. That the w seems to be experiencing right now where it seems like for the first time in my lifetime. There's a laundry list of players who are really active in the cultural space society. You can feel their presence on social media. What do you make for the second half of the wnba season and what's happening in that sport. The big thing that happened is the basketball is really good And i it. Never watch a whole lot of wb basketball. But i did watch kind of at the dawn of the sport and a little bit more as it went along and follow the plan that we have now is just so much higher than it was before and i also think that with social media where it's really helped the wnba is. I understand everyone who says that they wanna see for prominent coverage wnba like on espn radio sportscenter so forth and so on right. I totally get that but on sportscenter for example. If it's a one hour episode of sportscenter they only got one hour and they have to figure out how to allocate that our and that's largely based on what the metrics are that. Say that people are interested in something right like there. Aren't that many thing that people are putting on television or in a broadcast medium just to somebody right like this is not public at the typically. Not how it works. Something like women's basketball can really win on social media though because you get a lot more people who have the option of opting in themselves and a lot more people who can share the content with people that would not ordinarily get it. So if i follow somebody who for whatever reason i'm into what they're talking about and i have a measure trusted them. They if they are. Wnba fans are then going to talk about the wnba and they're gonna talk about women's basketball and you're going to be able to read some people don't digest wouldn't have gotten otherwise in large part because they're going to sign up for what the person who is putting it out there is doing they trust that person and so if i were to get on for example and start talking about the wnba. They're going to be people who ordinarily would not have watched it. That are going to be like look. I don't know might be wrong on this. I'm going to check it out. And now you get more people who are into it more people who are talking about it and you're not bound by the finite resources of more 'gate-keeping type of operations with bigger out. What they're going to get their precious time to appreciate the insights as always huge fan. Your work loved the podcast and really appreciate you taking some time man touch on a lot of different stuff all right. No problem man. You guys have a good day. Money jones even owning the show. The right time podcast absolutely right guys like bomani myself. Get out there. Talking about the w inspiring basketball fans to check it out and you get to watch stuey doer. Thing looking for the commissioner's cup team. Usa getting done seven in a row. It's a great time for women's hoops. right now. season starts up this weekend. Hey coming up next well. We got about twenty minutes so salima right. Yes coming up next. i would like your help. I need your help. Brockman guy are resonant degenerate. I'd like to bet on baseball game tonight. Which dame.

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