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Lifetime member of that group way before i ever started working with them in any kind of official capacity or you know in terms of representing the membership as asked by membership because as over five million people who are members they're not lavious their members i mean i hate going to dc i have never lobbied anybody in my entire life ever i think it's really disingenuous and people say that that average everyday gun owners are lobbyist because i guess are you a lobbyist just first things in which you believe and because i'm i guess that means i am a constitutional lobbyist i am the new tell a lobbyist i am uh i don't know a peter murphy lobbyist how about that so i that is incredibly disingenuous two tried to diminish and ergo deceit o or you know false equivalency at center at cetera it's it's not that is not who these individuals akg and one of the things that we found i wanted to pull this up because this were finding more and more about this murderer end in parkland and i just uh i i don't like saying their names and i think that many people in the legacy media have done a really sick job at romanticizing and really making celebrities out of these murderers because you have all of these copy key you copycat situations i think this began with columbine you had many and legacy media and you had people like michael moore make the two murderers and columbine out like they were some sort of i they they became celebrities it's sickening sophat i mean there've been studies shown about what happens when you say these people's names and you give them the kind of press that you give them just quit so this is one of the things that i that have come out as well as that this murderer he purchased a few of his his rifles illegally and he purchased a few of them legally graham an iconic and i have a question and when we talk about having a conversation about what solutions and what we can do i hope that one of those conversations that comes up is whether or not he actually abided by broward county's waiting period because broward county according to brouwer dot flde i mean this is on the.

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