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Local in eighteen ninety one about a group of young German students who are discovering their sexuality and growing into adult director Alan Paul says the original Broadway show launched countless stars from Hamilton's Jonathan Groff too easily and Michelle every single person that original went on major major style and they were all seventeen or eighteen they were so young that the many will be launching a lot of new stars from Bethesda and then David Sean like consenting Christina sass straight don't rock musical numbers by Duncan she best known for his Grammy nominated hit barely breathing like the older music I've heard I'm eager for you to hear the same for you here are full chat on WTOP dot com Jason Frehley WTOP news Hey we have a winner in that big prime time jeopardy competition it is said fortune favors the bold and such was the case for jeopardy mega champion Ken Jennings he sealed his third win in the game shows greatest of all time contest pocketing a cool one million dollar fortune in the process Jennings use boldness to build a lead twice betting all his points on a daily double and winning both times to emphasize his high roller mentality getting signaled his intention by imitating the gesture of a poker player who pushes all his trips to the center of the table James holes house OR one just one match during the tournament Brad Rutter none I'm not squirrels Gabriel well coming up on WTOP finally more school nurse positions have been approved in Montgomery County but there still may not be enough we'll explore five fourteen did you know seventy percent of people over age sixty five will need some kind of long term care well this is federal news network senior correspondent Mike because it allows the odds and it's not a fun factoid but it's true so do you do something or leave it up your spouse or kids to take care of you when you can't because there are things you can do.

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