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Like if there is if you offense is good next year and JT Daniels excels or whoever the quarterback is has a lot of success cliff kings bear will be the next head coach USC one thing. Just look at them. I mean, he's just listen, I call a of space really good looking dude, you know, there is no disputing that. He looks the part to he's in the league offense of coach. We'll get all the quarterback sees recruited look at the offense of numbers, the Texas Tech, Ed. Put up. Here's the other thing at a school like USC, I got friends in college football at big school small schools. The difference of the polo shirt. You have on here this, dude. Really good recruiter. Like, yeah. If your landing dudes, you're at Oregon state or Iowa State, you know, or just Raynham schools. Like, yeah, Kentucky like, okay. You're good recruiter. Like if you have land NFL guys at USC, you're not a good recruiter. You're just a coach at USC. He just throwing the polo you walk into the high school, and you have the poll on you have the Alabama poll on you know, you have like you work for coach K you roll in with the Duke poll on you're getting a meeting with the best basketball player. You don't you walk into the best high school, and you have Oklahoma on your polo. You got a chance to land the number one recruit at that high school. That's the way the world works. You know? So I I think the cliff Kingsbury if the offense is good is going to be the next head. Coach a guy. I think the writings already on the wall Klay Hilton will be out next year and cliff Kingsbury will be the next head coach at USC. And I know this I don't know if that's good or bad thing. But for the pact. Well, they need desperately to be good. Because right now them not being good hurts the relevancy of the conference in also really really hurts their pocketbooks. Okay. Let's get to the middlekauff mailbag got a lot of questions. So let's start banging them out. Hey, man. Love the podcast. Why does no one ever give Mike Tomlin do as a top head coach leak every time? The sealers lose always on Tomlin. But whenever they win. He doesn't get any great. He might not be the sexiest Xs knows guy. But there is something to be said on how he manages all the personalities in the locker room and kept together Levy on bell. Good point. I think it's simple whenever you're coach who doesn't call either side of the ball in most defensive coaches have a defensive coordinator. And then like, Tom they don't call the offense. And I got news for you. They don't know anything about the offense. You just hard to get credit. And I think Ben is such a big personality that he kind of steal some of it away from Tomlin. But I'm with you. I mean, I think he's clearly top five head coach in the league. His resume speaks for itself. His teams are always ready. He has bad losses. But so does any team. I don't think Ben is the easiest quarterback deal with on a daily slash weekly basis. And I think you bring up a great point in terms levian bell. He kept the team together. Antonio's not the easiest guy to deal with. They got they got a lot of personalities on the team. Now, the thing they he doesn't ever have to deal with because of the. Consistency in the organization. Just this ability at the top is our ever rumors. You know, there is no like what the let's take a look at hot seat. Like there is no hotseat. They've had three coaches in like eight hundred seventy five years. I mean seriously. I think they've had three coaches in the last. I don't know what the exact number is. It's got to be like a right around fifty. It's crazy. The Browns of had three coaches in like, you know, they'll have three coaches by February Hugh.

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