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It's on the liberty radio network is i've heard it there what do you do when you hear it you make a shot to face a bit but now it's one assist great show yeah here is that he has a great reporter obviously it to find the other era while so it's fun to do relationship show you know because people got you love it when people col into free time my with their relationship in happen very often but it is always again the flattered that started the relations the question you guys are getting questions though from on a from the audience we do we get lots of questions on and now nailed questions yeah we have a contact form on our website so people can contact us anonymously and then you know usually them questions on and we also do kind of a cool thing where we haven't amazon affiliate link like for talk live dies but we actually get a list of what people purchase we can see you about it but we can see what was by and then we do it after show about it and to analyze the you look at the story somebody by when where they doing with that writing crop my goodness but he you've million he knows the people i know it's interviewed to get a lot of that but it's all anonymous we can't here on it is that will be boldin by why are a fine in order to we'll be talking about on the on the after show so funny that and they're making their god they're making accounted for as an easy that's a back and holes in some glow the i'm going you're just things that they my by yeah oh yeah we we to get some weird stuff so anything about this conference a main i'm having so much money you know i'd been to mexico budget times before i like to go about once a year you know just to get some bad because we live in new hampshire so you know you need to get some sunshine to fear new hampshire people around there's right here we just interview man phelps the president and you're to a hot yeah so wearing for new hampshire as a strong contingent here i'm enjoying the area i like we're in like the beverly hills about the puck when the nice part about them on go but i'm just i'm having a great.

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