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And and then kinda walked away and that that always that always stayed with me and and it was always uh was always the same way in them but butterflies before the game and put the so many different different the lessons learnt from walter payton that was a tremendous experience and then other great players that were on that 87 bears team dan hampton mike single terry uh jimbo covert could go on did you fridge the fridge was there were of his uh it was like they were they were celebrities of the highest calibre i've ever seen in football and when ever that group jim mcmahon anywhere they would go denis uh mckinnon willie galt and the great the great sprinter everywhere there go everybody gnome everybody would be there to meet the buses are training camps would have thousands five ten thousand people at each practice didn't know you could be like that and never seen the like that since the way the the bears were loved across the country and followed in chicago and and loved in chicago center i'm ben monsters the midway made with mike that can we had uh we just had it just never seen that that before uh you know especially grown up in ann arbor you think and harbours like the the center of the football universe and and there's there's football played other places and uh but never i had never seen it on the level that it was an eighty seven eighty eight for the chicago bears coming off of their 85 super bowl accent or that that that struck me every every uh.

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