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If you you got any kind of Pill for anything the problem was that a work too. Well Yeah Heroin Yeah. There was something incredibly strong. Yeah Yeah Probably Probably Herald and I think probably because back then. They didn't have as many pills as we have nowadays. We got Yo the drugstore the chemists and they're like our first things I would you like an egg cream what's an egg cream It's eggs his with Seltzer. I think great there I go. We have the Soda Jerk. Make you something else. You take a a lot of medicine right Tom. A lot of medicine. Last time we went to London. I get sick. I Yeah I'll All clean out a have you ever taken Z.. Quill yes yeah yes see I. I'm afraid Otas what is equal nyquil without the of the Oh without the medicine asleep snub No I don't think so by me but I took like a tylenol pm without the tylenol which might be the same thing. Yeah the that all that stuff I don't and here's the thing whenever I've had trouble sleeping sleepytime t really does the trick. Yeah some honey in there You ever have apple cider vinegar before bed. I'm not a Hippie. Yeah you gotTa buy this weird hippie brand stuff you know that Bragg brand stuff no. I don't know that Bragg brand who knows what I'm talking about Rica Desert I've talked about it's It's it's this old codger Hippie and you buy this apple cider vinegar that has all the stuff floating in it. That's called the mother why you know. Shake it up you put about two tablespoons evil spoons in in a cup of hot water. That'll put you to sleep. They also make nutritional yeast. Thank you really get on popcorn. I I've had nutritional yeast that's good It tastes cheesy. But it's not. She's exactly that guy's probably bathing in that apple cider vinegar. There are a lot of benefits benefits that you can get from apple cider vinegar like what I got. I got this book About the benefits of Apple CIDER. Vinegar about how it could cure every ailment right and the whole thing was like it was like this is the. Here's how you can Can Stop it two tables of Apple cider vinegar tables to tablespoons of Apple CIDER vinegar and hot water take that before bed and it said they held chronic diseases diabetes. Yeah yeah chronic diseases or diagnosis said her death that sentences and it's like mad two tablespoons of Apple CIDER. This whole book had just been reduced to one page through true. It's just you know put put two tablespoons into how water and drink. That appears all the Edelman said it will cure. I wasn't aware that that was like a sleeping made. It does everything. It's also something you don't WanNa fall asleep. No no they say they say take it before bed. You're right what if you don't WanNa fall in when you're going to bed when you're taking for energy now you don't really take for energy though. Is that you have. You're taking it just has to be a normal happy meaning to be normal because you like the taste of the mother in law. I hate now. Hey thanks you'd Z.. It's like allies. Anything called anything then. No things are called things a screwdriver drive screws. That's why it's called a screwdriver. The fact that the pulpit apple save apple cider vinegar is called the mother her does not make sense. I E it does tell me. This guy's got his mom floating at a VAT apple cider vinegar slowly so much of this stuff so well. Maybe he's killing other mothers out. There put put them in the vats man that I believe. What is the mother in Apple CIDER? Vinegar they ask who us the bacteria. Yeah Bag tyrian. Catalysts that gives rise to the vinegar. Oh so it's the mother of vinegar so when you drink it it's making more vinegar inside you that way you smell that way My blood is two-thirds vinegar right now. It's delicious for vendors. Not The luge. See You could see it through but I can. I can smell it through your veins settling. Yeah do you want to solve a problem now. Hold on what. What other things do you do? Oh actually I have two other things. sleep Bassey ever use a sleep mask. No because somebody might come in and kill you right. People put earplugs too small. Where you out of your mind? Yeah I was just GonNa dull my senses waiting victim. Yeah have some psychopath is going to giggle. Go himself before he slips my throat. giggle might be Myla chance to save money. Yeah but now I'm not even GonNa hear it. Yeah Yeah so do your plugs or mass. I'll wear I was GONNA say I'll wear an eye mask on a plane. But what if they come around with snacks spare you know it and then I'm not gonna I'm GonNa miss out come around with snacks. They don't fucking fucking wake me up. We should have a solution for this. Have you ever seen. There's like a thing of a woman online and she. Yeah Yeah. She's got like a whole apparatus on her head. She's got sleep masks earplugs and then like a neck brace but on the neck brace is a Like a name name tag. Laminated clip that it's nicely printed out. That says please wake me for snacks. And she's put that on the on the neckbrace nice and they waker presumably. They waited for snacks. Audi afraid to wake a person with that ghetto in my life pretzels please. Yeah I would. I would change that to be like just. Please give me a snack. Well you have a choice dealer's choice You just put a nave data your thing dealers. I've never regretted a choice in airline snacks like. I'm fine with the waiver. They give me. I like airline food. It's delicious. It's very salty. Yeah Hello and welcome to Tim and Tom Sawyer problems. I'm Tim time yourself from. If you have a problem with like as a salve emails of the complete guide to everything a g mail dot com. Yeah but if you want us it's a salvador right now. It's too late. This one comes from a lady named Amy Okay The the subject line. That was a very long pause. Yeah did you hear that. I had no stomach stomach made a noise. I thought time had froze CNN. I was waiting for my stomach noise to stop. Okay so you can edit it out. Very professional has a has has The beware no. I don't know why we make your stomach honestly causes more problems than I usually wind up. Just muting it. Oh but I have to go through in edits a few times The lesbian the B word and the wardrobe. But yes dear. Tim and Tom Longtime Listener. But the first time I have a problem for you to solve after being away for long weekend I returned to have my housemate. Lily Lily Tell me that we needed to swap rooms. I have the larger bedroom as the senior housemate. Sarah moved in earlier seeking to start calling yourself the senior housemate. Yeah I think she was just trying to be clear. It's not that she's you now. Over sixty five with a view of the garden an notably built in a notably a built in wardrobe. That's one yeah. So the reason lily gave for needing to the beautiful picture of this bedroom. Yeah the reason lily gave for needing to exchange rooms rooms was said over the weekend following flirting and a drunken game of hide and seek. She and her girlfriend lost their Savic Virginity in in my wardrobe. was that mean what virginity. No Scientific Brad pertaining to a lesbian is okay. Okay my own girlfriend. Thinks this demand is ridiculous and disproportionate to go and have sex. Lillies Brew Room to even the balance. While no that's just going to convince her. Even more lily seems very upset by refusal and wants to convene a House meeting with our two other housemates game and not a couple but also named Tim and Tom Clinton and could sort this out. I feel that this is an open and closed. I shut case but I wanted to put it to the finest legal minds of the podcasting world because of this the room is apparently now very special to them and she thinks thinks she should be allowed to move in. I don't think that fucking in a room suddenly denotes ownership. Also lillies girlfriend is a notorious quote player on the scene so so she certainly did not have her first time in my wardrobe. But I don't know about lily and it hardly seems polite to ask I leave it to you and your cute system sense of justice. Am I being some kind of callous. Antic B Word Levin hugs from a Gal and her desecrated wardrobe. Amy Wait they did it in the wardrobe. Yeah why oh it's hide and seek hide-and-seek yeah A few things I I feel like this Setup so that whatever we say Amy Can go to Lilly right as am I gain the names right amy. Any wrote the letter lilly. Yeah Amy can go to Lilly and be like well. I asked him and Tom and they said and they said you're acting like a real asshole and you should get a life. JV Like they said that. I swear to God that's what Tim and Tom said. I don't lie why we were roommates. Tom Yeah and you when we when we moved in To a a four bedroom yes apartment similar to this it sounds like yeah and You drew first. Dibs this. Yeah we do like drew straws. If you left for the weekend came back as like you. It's six in your closet. I love that room. You'd just be like what the hell no show in my room. Yeah we're not agony. We're not GONNA pretend I didn't hear that second bar because that's completely irrelevant. And what else like us on the first part. What the hell were you doing? Having sex in my are- have identified like hide and seek man. Then you'd have to be like okay all right Bro. Yeah you know. Yeah that's different this. Yeah this is an open and closed shut cases as amy mentioned. And Yeah. There's any you should go have sex with your girlfriend in in Lily's no because if they do that then lily it's GonNa be like well now. My Room special for you so we should swap but you should be like It's not special for us. I mean the actual solution to this problem is for her to say. Well I had. I lost my virginity to my girlfriend in this bedroom. That's why I chose it. No you know what. That's that's accepting lillies absurd premise yet. But it would. It would squash the problem with. Stop everything everything. Yeah but then lily is going to continue living her life by these insane rules. That's true and he's just kind of to go along along with it. What she should do is say fuck out of my room? No I was going to say as the senior housemate. Get the fuck out of this apartment. Yeah you you add sex in my room. I have the support of Tim and Tom on. Yeah I already talked to Tim and Tom. And they're in one hundred under percent agreement on this. Don't ask them about it or if if you want to ask them about you're going to have to email them at the complete everything at I yeah. I know it's confusing but they. They're very non confrontational. They don't WanNa hear it. Let if Tim and Tom don't agree with amy me then give it to them to clean house you amy. You're the senior house made for Christ's seeing back. Yeah I was GONNA say EH. Two things bringing Tim and Tom into this not mean you..

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