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A date before a federal judge in brooklyn today nobel for self styled self help guru who the feds say was running an upstate sex slave called very relieved that keeping area was denied bail motto catherine oxygen burg says her daughter is one of his followers the judge deciding the fifty seven year old is simply too much of a flight risk but ranieri's attorney says they'll refile the bail application mildly disappointing time in the judge it's without prejudice which is a little unusual also in the courtroom rainier his codefendant former smallville actress allison mack who is also accused with branding starving and brainwashing women to act as sex slaves she's free on five million dollars bond al jones ten ten wins at the federal courthouse in brooklyn wins news time five forty nine lebron's man has been charged with attempted rape in connection with last week's attack of a seventy three year old woman in the the kingsbridge section of the bronx police say twentysix year old maximiliano mia approached the woman who was walking near reservoir avenue and west one hundred and ninety fifth street around four am tuesday knocking her to the ground and assaulting her the woman was able to push the suspect and scream for help the search is on for the suspect in a deadly stabbing in the modern section of the bronx i wouldn't dillard stabbed repeatedly in the neck the seventy three year old found dead by his fiancee and their third floor apartment here in beekman avenue residents of the five story building so shaken including michael milner who says in the last seven and a half years dillard had his back costly friendship money no matter what and then he would actually go round handing out cash to kids he did a lot for me and my family last seven years over goodhart a good heart economy was like when i'm never forget you i love you love you police investigating robbery as a possible motive as dillard won ten thousand dollars in a lottery recently glenn shuck ten ten.

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