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The i get it on got to get it on a choice fit again on mandate get on welcome to yet another taken me podcasts are motivational podcast and i love football i love how it pertains the motivation and a love this man eric dickerson is our guest i'm a huge rands fan of probably the biggest time obvious is bigger rams fans when eric with tote and rock for the rams back in the 80s and into the nineties in in the hall of fame now sixtime pro bowler i ice the love to watch him up performer every sunday so good c eric dickerson thank you i always uh there's a couple things i remember about you when i'd watch ram and he would play first off in a dane age where everyone a strippeddown no one's wherein thigh pads anymore nobody schwerin almost anything you always had the neck role on an elbow pads un jackie slater where the kyw's who actually padded up for the game serene down but you never saw running backs putting extra weight on to them what was that about will um you know how this uh i was a big believer room you know heaven is must padding is a part of the coup because no football uh still live rebecca was a very physical hoop a physical game and um in a lot of guys for thing to be lighter but you know i was fast and i could care to pad so it it didn't bother me at all i wore a will flak jackets uh at my cell the pass reinforce what a neck roh moo hit pass up had you know but pad awarded emotion gaza one time so low all foot a lot of people.

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