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15% or more. 12 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS. We have Rita Kessler in the W. T o P. Traffic Center Watch for delays in the district, North Bondi see to 95 at a crawl before Pennsylvania Avenue toward Benning Road with work taking Lane North Bend in the Third Street Tunnel slows near Massachusetts Avenue, headed on doubt about New York Avenue about New York Avenue also slow approaching and passing the third Street tunnel. So watch for any work near New Jersey Avenue, Also North Capitol Street near Florida Avenue. That was a report of a crash in Virginia North Found 95 still very heavy through Fredericksburg, trying to head to the right panic. River Bridge. The work in the right lane collars did let us know what was going on on Route one as well. Seeing delays there in Fredericksburg towards 17 business. North found it near the Rappahannock River. The right lane is blocked there as well with the intersections under police direction to keep the traffic flow now. Elsewhere in Virginia, on 3 95 North bound delays approaching King Street. This is work, taking the left lane eastbound 66 inside the Beltway after Washington Boulevard, the left Elaine gets by the work and westbound 50 between Annandale Road and Graham Road. The left lane was blocked with the work sewn in Herndon, Monroe Street between West Oxide and Iron Forge. Road may still be under police direction in earlier crash brought down some wires in the roadway in Maryland and north bound 29 before Route 40. There were debris that was debris reported across the roadway, described his bags all over the roadway may most of them may be moved over to the shoulder, but something to keep in mind westbound span of the Bay Bridge. The right lane has been blocked with the work. Still seeing some volume trying to get Onto the westbound span of the bridge. Eastbound. Both of your lanes are open and on the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic does alternate across the bridge today to get through the work zone. Your health is a priority. It's silver Diner. They installed new hospital grade air purification systems in all 18 locations, visits over dr dot com. For more information over dinner, your home away from home. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Nice day on tap. Let's check in with Storm Jean Force Lauren Rickets frontal system, passed through the area early this morning brought rain to the area during the overnight in early this morning, but that is gone..

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