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Neyland Dan. Just reminding me why we all cared about him so much in Portland because he did that when he was just a a youngster kid playing. He showed US himself. He was unafraid to show his flaws and his heart. The Jason. It's a very powerful story and thank you for sharing with us. You Bet thanks for having me guys. You can read Jason Quick Story About Brandon Roy and follow his coverage of the Portland Trailblazers Athletic Dot Com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead. The Andre Iguodala soap opera is finally over the Memphis. Grizzlies traded to the Miami Heat for a package that includes foods. Justice winslow according to ESPN's Adrian Watson Hausky Igwe Dolla has agreed to the trade and signed a two year thirty million dollar extension with the heat. igwe Paula of course hasn't played a game for the grizzlies. This season after the warriors traded him to Memphis last summer he worked out a deal with the front office that allowed him to stay home in San Francisco in Cisco as the team tried to trade him. A contender situation was mostly quiet until recently when it appeared on national television talking about his preferred trade destinations is nations and that led to public criticism by young grizzlies players like John. Mirant and Dillon Brooks and at some point Steph. Curry even jumped in seemingly to defend his former former teammate. Earlier this week. The Athletics David Aldrich reported that he was prepared to sit out the season if he wasn't traded to one of his approved teams the NBA. The trade deadline is today at three PM. Eastern and the Kansas City chiefs had a big super bowl victory parade on Wednesday. Most important the thing I wanted to do the Lombardi trophy for the greatest coach told the players braved aides some pretty frigid and wet weather in Kansas City but managed to stay warm mostly by Chuck Anderson Beers. Where about half the beers? I've been trying to drink the baby. It's been a long time because what do we do. We had five and in a couple of strange strange twists. Police were involved in a high speed chase right along the parade route that ended with two suspects being arrested. Maybe they thought they could escape by blending in with the parade and a chief's Fan who videotaped climbing a tree to get a better view. I showed off his bare behind and then took a pretty nasty fall from the tree. And it's actually not clear if he's okay so all in all just what you'd expect from a Super Bowl parade. If you like our I show please give us a five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe. Were available on Apple podcasts. spotify cast box and every major listening out from wondering the athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson. And I'm under skelter. See You tomorrow..

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