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We've lived through in the Premier League and Liverpool coming that front three must be looking at videos of the united defending and I just be like, oh my God, this is hilarious. We may be able to score your 200th goal in this gay and that's ultimately that's the first united fan. And I know football fans now have the memory of a fish. Goldfish, where it's like one game is crisis when you lose and one game when you win this, come back, title chase back on. But I'd be looking at Valencia. I'd come back when and be like, you know, what really is changing here? Or are we in a very, very awesome Venga at arsenal, that death rattle. It was the same. We talked about that being like an M.C. Escher staircase where you just constantly go around the same narrative. That's what it feels like with right now. Yeah, and there's nothing that there's no evidence that you see even a three two victory with if you'd said before the season, hey on this night on October the 20th, man united will come from two nil behind. They'll win three two at Old Trafford against Atalanta a strong Atalanta side and Cristiano Ronaldo will score the winner in the 81st minute. Yet, you'd be saying, yes, I'll have that. And yet where we are in the season as everything we watched tonight, there just isn't that same thrill. That is, can you set a couple more words because I'm Googling South Jordan Utah? Come out with a fact. Yeah, if anybody listening, news, you know what I'm going to throw out to you. Anyone listening to the podcast knows why I'm genuinely I'm always fascinated and always open and kind of is Jordan Pickford. David, I'm going to give you a tenor insight credits. I could just text Ken Jennings. That's the oldest truth. Adam, come on up, man. Tell us where you're from and what your question. Hello, men in blazers. This is Adam Reeves. I'm from Lexington, Kentucky. Lucky, man. Lucky, man. I went to a wedding in Lexington Kentucky. It's one of the greatest nights of my life. I've really was it you, or Betty, who went to that wedding? I was at roger Benny. It was one of the grand love you're city. I love everything about it. It was the last wedding I've been to, where there was cigarettes on every table in a little silver cigarette so they played Z it was like ZZ-Top all night after the wedding. And it was one of the great it was one of the great so I feel you at them. It's a joy to be with you, watch your question. Well, thank you, Jan. I had forgotten inviting you to my wedding, but I'm glad that you had a good time. Yeah, good. So my question, I am a new devotee of soccer. Of course, started like many great American soccer fans rooting for our men's and women's national teams, but it wasn't until this season that I truly fell in love with professional club soccer. Namely, the EPL. And while I fell in love with club soccer, I didn't necessarily immediately fall in love with a club. Until I started watching branford, the Brentford bees first game against arsenal with the fans singing hey Jude, celebrating with their fans afterwards, was captivating. That being said, I have two questions. Where do they finish at the end of the season? Please tell me it's not the relegation zone because I've already purchased a Jersey. And how long until Frank is prowling the sidelines at what is it you call it? New new castle for.

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