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That was good that's gonna so you know make that your ringtone as we continue this you're excited siam it's the frozen four from the excel centre in saint paul minnesota marking the twenty fifth consecutive year college hockey's today season finale aired across the espn network championship together three participants have combined for less than half of those so michigan again in michigan was in the final four in the men's game in the final four of the women's ended up winning the national championship so those teams in the recent final fours have been showing very well that one's nine thirty the first game at six bucci and and mary melrose steve leaving we're talking about this story enough because it's like oh we did it last year so hold on now russell westbrook me just forty one rebounds in the thunder's final three games to average a triple double for the second straight season he would be the first player ever to average a triple double twice i believe according to bret who hasn't been on the show in about twenty minutes we need to get him on he needs forty one boards in his final three games right i believe he's had what forty in his last three games is that true i'll check that real quick for you now that was from stanton.

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