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It changes every everything that you think, in the so then it was we probably talked about it, a every five minutes, sixty seconds or one of one minute of every five we talked about education, who could come back. What do we do? If this was back. What do you think they're doing over there? So there was a lot of time. That was spent thinking about it in on kind of be fearful of who may come back and then being hoped who could come back. But that's interesting that you thought that. Okay. Well, at least then. When we get to that vote, then that's an easy one. We'll just vote that personnel when when whoever comes back and then we'll all dance one round for you, because we really did we really were all like that person who goes banks gonna win the game because that person has been with the jury for all of these weeks in that person is going to be connected they'd made friends. They've bonded together in so the end of extinction, people if nothing else out of allegiance for the person who came from the edge, it's almost like we're basketball teams in. That's their Representative that they're going into a big tournament. That's your schools team in your sending this person back into fight us, and you're gonna pull him for them. Yes, it wasn't fair. When you were in the game talking about that did did you think it at any point, there was a chance that you would vote for the edge of extinction person instead of a person that was in the game, the whole time, like is it almost because I would think that, like I understand the journey, you must have gone on. But I also have to feel like that there's, like some cognitive dissonance of, like, well, I would never vote for a person that was on the edge of extinction. The hallway? We'll honestly at the time one of my character flaws Zach intend to be a little era Ghent and get overconfident. And I, I was thinking, I'm not gonna be boating for. Somebody always did in the final overload voted on right voted on. And so, but at the time I, I don't know if I personally thought about what I vote for this person if they came back. But I think we all had a, a an agreement that we knew whoever comes back with probably get the vote of the people on the edge of extinction, because of the time they've spent together. So I just realized that we had to all of us in the game knew we had to build big resumes, because if you don't have a big resume resumes. Orange lose that led us to play very aggressive big on blindside type of moves because we knew we had to build a big resume to in order to come combat the first extinction. Interesting that calls a lot. Of what you saw with the flip flops of the alliances throughout Gallison, if they with your alliance and you play a bland boring game. Or if you don't make big moves. You're not gonna do enough to win in a season like edge of extinction. Okay. So we finally get to the family, visit and here comes laude. And here comes everybody's loved ones, and you're going to win the loved ones challenge was was there any talk about or thinking in your mind of man. I, I don't want this much power to have the loved ones responsibility. No. Unfortunately, like I said, I can get overconfident. And so, I didn't think it would matter. I didn't I knew about the loved ones curse, but I was thinking, it'll be okay and three. I don't know how much innovates and I think it's that bad of a curse, like it happens. Sometimes it goes bad. But it's not not every time was happened three times. I was yours. Yeah. So an honestly, you know, I couldn't really walk, right? I would stand up in our kind of black out a little bit when out stand up. So I had to sit down slowly in stand up, slowly and couldn't hunt crabs anymore. And I didn't have energy look for an idol, like people look on TV and you see Rick Devon's run around looking for idols can let me tell you.

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