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93. The Tobin Bridge. They're all good. And the mass Turnpike is clear out of West Newton all the way out to the 84 interchange in Sturbridge miking WBC's traffic on the threes cloudy with occasional rain Tonight low of 47 rain in the morning and then cloudy for the rest of the day Tomorrow high of 53. Cloudy Tuesday night Low 47. Then on Wednesday, the clouds remain, but they do bring some rain or possibly even a thunderstorm High of 58. Then finally, on Thursday, the sunshine will return. But it will be a bit breezy with a high of 63 right now. It's 52 degrees in Boston, 58 Stone 55 took Sperry And it's 60 Degrees and Lemon Starr live local and fiercely independent. This is WBZ news radio. Good evening. I'm Dan Walk ins. Here are the five things you need to know. At 7 45 Visor could get the green light this week to expand its Maxine used to kids. 12 to 15 years old Massachusetts is reporting 481 new covert cases in 18 additional deaths tonight. Governor Baker says Four of the seven mass vaccination sites in the state will close by the end of June. A Dorchester man is held without bail after being arraigned on murder charges for the deaths of two women. Hand. President Biden was in Virginia earlier today, imploring those who haven't yet got the covert vaccine to roll up their sleeves. President Biden today with an urgent message for Americans, my plead everyone..

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