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See if you have their name and cell phone number even if you're looking at a house on a Saturday morning who are you going gonna call on a Saturday morning. Well, you have the lone officer cell number. And let me tell you something. These loan offices live on their cell phone. They will respond to you. When you call them on their cell on their cellphone, even if they're in the shower two minutes later, they'll they'll see a call. That's missed. I know call you right back whether it's Saturday morning Sunday afternoon or Monday evening at eight o'clock at night that you're writing a contract you have their cell phone and their name give them a call. They're all in the office. They're eight hundred number again is three two one five five five five. Now for those of you who are not veterans. We talked about the FHA. The Federal Housing administration. The only difference between VA FHA on both of them. You can get the sell it to pay all of your closing costs and prepaids with FHA. Unlike VA, there's a small down payment the down payment is three and a half percent. So if you're buying a two hundred thousand dollar house three and a half percent is seven grand. That's the total money you need to buy that two hundred thousand dollar house, if you negotiated the seller to pay all of your closing costs and prepaids, and that's all you need is that seven grand. And if you only have four or five you can get a gift letter from mom dad, parents grandparents. Siblings aunt or uncle any blood, relative like that can give you a gift letter to show that you have enough money to buy that house under FHA. So I wanna talk more about the FHA. There's there's a renovation loan under FHA. That's a terrific program. When we come back from the break. I'll talk more about that. This is a good time to call the office and grab a loan officer at least get their name and and cell phone number eight hundred number again, three two one five five five five. We'll be right back. Look at a few movies to see what's worth your time and money, I can definitely recommend the wife. This is set during the eighties. And it's the story of a Nobel prize winner in literature played by Jonathan price, and whether or not he was the one who actually did the writing also starting Glenn Close. The film speaks of the rights of women back in that decade. Also recommend white boy, Rick Matthew mcconaughey is the father to rather rough kids, but the film concentrates with son who becomes a player in the Detroit drug trade at the same time. And if behind format based on a true story crazy rich, Asians is another one you could save comedy about an Asian man who takes his girlfriend Singapore to meet his family that introduction. Goes belly a film? You can skip is peppermint Jennifer Gardner, playing a woman who sees her husband and daughter murdered. And she begins a campaign of revenge. We've seen this all before. And finally this operation finale. With Ben Kingsley playing nothing. And the attempt to bring him Israel from Argentina where he's to have. You have a good time at movies. This is thought four talkradio six eighty w c b..

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