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The road to the Kentucky oaks right now. Yeah, talking about the ladies with that poll question this morning. Let us know on our social media pages. Two hours down, one to go. When I come back, Scott Shapiro will be with us for the twins fires triple play. He'll give you three races. You can keep an eye on later today. Kurt Becker will take you on this weekly stroll through racing history at ten 20 and at ten 30 del Romans and Tim wilkin will both be back with me to debate some of the sports hottest topics in this week's edition of I ask they answer. Although that's still ahead, if your local station is leaving us at this time, continue listening to the third hour of the show. Serious two 16 XM two O four affiliates in Louisville, Kentucky and around the country and of course streaming worldwide at horse racing radio dot net. Hour three of the equine form was coming up next right after I paused ten seconds for station identification. This is HR N. From the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network. I'm down to the finish. And it's spectacular. Spectacular obsessed. Mindless mind has won the Kentucky and impossible result here. Final for long, mandalore's fighting for the first Adidas spirit of medals on hot rock Charlie living outside. The central quality of the far outside before of the heading to the finish in The Kentucky Derby. Here's the liar. Medina Spirit has won The Kentucky Derby. Welcome to the equine forum, presented by twin spires. Into the final two 50, summer is tomorrow by two crown pride is all out in second. Been dug his third, then comes island falcon years crown pride getting to grips, getting the better of summers tomorrow whose runners race is Japan again. It's crumb pride in the UAE Derby. The land of the rising sun is having a night to remember. Rich right is tipping up on the inside. The longest shot has lost its second Derby red strike has done it in a stunning unbelievable upset. Now, here's Mike petta. Welcome back, hour number three of the equine forum right up until 11 a.m. eastern Mike penna baron of the backstretch continuing on with you here this morning very busy morning as always here on the equine forum presented by twins fires and you heard several clips in that Montage, several race calls that the prep races taking place today. The Derby points races haven't had the biggest

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