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And fixed-wing that never did happen. Fixed wing and helicopters were separate entities, and they Denver did mix well, there's, they tried to do a scene, the white rose, but that was really tempered down. Fair enough. Do you actually use to get your point in blessed by a Buddhist monk, then you would you actually have that? No, no, we didn't do that. Okay. We did not do that that that's an air later after the shootdown than the rest of that with the two tie load masters, I had. They got me to go become a monk and I did really and anybody that wants to be a proponent of the Buddhist philosophy has to go into a watt for at least three days, and it's it's quite an ordination ceremony. It's a philosophy not so much a religion. I want to make sure we talked about this before the end, but you. You're you do some lectures and you have a book coming out. That's right. The the book is in the hands of to publishers. I think we're going to settle on just one, but it will be on Iraq's next year. Excellent. And in the museum gift shops. And I believe we're going to do a launch here. I understand would be off and dot org. Yeah, yeah. Hey, dot org. Good. Sounds great. And you're doing a lecture here coming up, right? Yes, one over in Minneapolis or chapter twenty five, which is going to be good and al-mal. Berg is done an interview there with the guy that setting this thing up and I don't know where they all were gonna be there again later on, but I've done one with alma bridge in the world of aviation and it's on available on podcast. Oh, excellent. Oh, that's definitely something we're on the checkout. Get one last one. Last question. Touching back in the movie real quick before we wrap this up because we have gone a bit long. The whole thing where Robert Downey junior is slung under helicopter sort of wakes up being being flown along what was the inspiration for that? I don't think there was any other than its Senator. Just look like movie good movie stock. I think Bob, Karen said that they actually did that somebody. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That was some crazy stuff that happened there, but. One more movie question. You don't actually have the ashes of your tone ampule around your neck No, I don't know then what are those ashes. There's no video was a kind of a funny little episode down in Saigon. We had one of the old enlisted navy pilots die in a crash and in his thing he wanted to his ashes scattered at sea. So one of our guys, it was a navy officer, flying. The DC3.'s opted to do that for him. So on the way up to name, he dragged out over the South China Sea, and he made one big mistake has Chinese co-pilot was there and he slid the cockpit window, open, open the top of the container or inciting our back in the cockpit. Chinese Coppola. Good. Never ever fly with him again. Wow, and ignominious, and the very least all having to latte. You know laugh it, it's amazing piece of history, but you know, at the end of the day, we wanna remember how many are America pilots lost their lives in combat over there. Two hundred and forty. Seven guys names don't appear on the Vietnam day, do not appear in the Vietnam wall. The only ones that ever honored us are the mung down here and Cheboygan and they put our did that were killed in Laos on the wall down there. And the one good thing about that whole play the first performance, the sister of one of the guys that was killed there. She was in the audience and she went on and Sar brothers name. That is powerful stuff, Chris, you make an excellent point. You know, we, we, we laugh through this stuff because it's. Pieces of are genuinely funny, but pieces that are just so. Just hard to wrap your head around no hard to hard to imagine that this was this was real, and and it was the sorts of things that went on and and the in the laughter becomes a. You know safety valve. Exactly. Exactly what it is. Thank you. Thank you for that. So with that, Neil. Wow, thank you for a fascinating episode. We could do another two or three hours easy. But Thai Thai probably says probably. So just about getting out of there. So. We've got to come back and do and do part two. Now, Neil, you're pretty regular visitor to. Yeah, headquarters here. Nostra that's sent here to Dawson here in the museum. So we thank you so much for that, but thank you so much for taking some time out of your schedule to join us today. I can't wait for the book. We sure appreciate everything you've done for a and it is our privilege to be able to help help tell some of this story. Good. And yes, when the book is going to be very interesting, my co author luanne grows Cup. She led me down the path and it happened here at air venture. That's how one of the talks I gave down there in the flight line. And she says, you ought to write it down. And I said, well, I have, but I did not realize what the publishing industry requires and how convoluted it is, and she's taking me down that path and took out some of the race year scenes. I think that's. Take separate to keep 'em rated. Well, thanks also to

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