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Cooper's but joined by everyone on the infield going over what they talked about pregame anyway what they're trying to do now party fosters going out to break up the conversation okay let's go absolutely now this is a team the texas rangers now there's not really great they're coming around a little bit better ten games under five hundred thirty six and forty six but pitching staff come around form of late last night games this team that's at a two point five nine they got closer that's been unbelievable kella retire a save twenty straight save opportunities that's amazing so i mean they've got some good things going on the offense has turned it around for him awards i four cross my pitch high for ball one is the top of the order now with shoe banning walk was left at third base just pick off we had lines right there was an adult things go on and they did a score well i amount up on the shields will run got fifteen sola base have been caught twice he's leaning kofi throw threw the ball on it may have hit two shields at thorough brave good handle of what the glove in the dirt man there's another indication of when things aren't gone really well for starters pickoffs to first base here i've been balancing those grant along fly now we've got a long seconded ain't nobody out this is a six man the bat chew at home plate he's looking at drive one my pitch inside against ball ball to two balls no strikes inside corner you mean that was not inside but at this point marty foster could be getting a little bored back there yeah two home runs in the name is solo shop outdoor at three one three run homer by torino's followed by a single the shields under the glove of pitcher dylan covy and the center this one that is a strike counter one exact same spot as the previous pitch on pitch cast there are certain things that get the pace of the game going either way the pace of this game right now is slowed by a bunch now they're they're hitting the ball that's one you got a picture out of the stretch he's gotta be concerned with the runners to balls one strike and there was a movement over there there was tell their but she has looked like he was gone i agree l o false lien step towards second and then had to hurry back at chevrolet if you're stealing bases and you do that you don't run on the next pitch because you think they're gonna pitch out because you gave it away have you got the bio for chew up on the board born july thirteenth nineteen eighty two five foot eleven others were over the first evac safe place to shields again leaning again to birthplace bussan south korea that's what i'm guessing on that good as any isn't it i think you're correct two balls one strike outs four runs across second inning.

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