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Of goat and a million Bucks the dago Jennings to both our one writer a bagel nothing let's take a look at your commute now Robbins check in now it's let's see about the six oh five that's the one in the city of industry six oh five south before you get to the sixty it's a wreck with a couple of cars carpool and left lane now your drive start to load up right around valley Boulevard store content to read on the fourteen south before golden valley with a crash answer brief in the carpool lane at a slow drive from on what else a canyon KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com just follow the problem on the one on one all right robin freeways that are backed up for a hundred dollars out of all right here there we go okay this out now good morning no Jennifer sorry and everybody KFI and tear down if you're driving out of the San Fernando Valley in the south for one through the Kalanga best is quite a problem on the downhill side southbound in between Hollywood Boulevard and son said as a matter of fact I'm watching fire department over and right now we've had two left lanes blocked celebratory but the final by now it's backing up to about the highland offramp again this is south one a one in between Hollywood Boulevard and some said and if you get in on the south won a one using the Hollywood Boulevard on ramp be careful right at the bottom of that ramp there's an engine company there or they're moving right now they're moving right now is probably to do so it is kind of hard to get on the freeway be careful enter their next up is a super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock K. F. find the Scott mission Viejo on the five south of Alicia parkway comes out big rig in the right lane to watch for KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm robbing banks this hour of KFI is brought to you by sunlight solar and roofing for southern California no one expects to lose there too but it happens and when it happens.

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