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This is a CBS news special report by major Garrett in Washington good morning CBS news has learned that US officials are confident that our Ron shot down a Ukrainian jetliner in the hours after the Iranian missile attack on U. S. targets one hundred seventy six people were killed including at least sixty three Canadians this information is based on U. S. intelligence which sources say picked up signals of a rate are being turned on U. S. satellites also detected we are told to missile launches excuse me which happened shortly before the plane exploded now the Canadian bred broadcasting companies Katie Simpson says that won't truck may be responsible I guess she means indirectly I think a significant question that Canadians and particularly the families of these victims are going to have is sixty three Canadians dead because of the the unintended consequences of a decision made by the U. S. president and that's going to be a big question because there have been very significant questions and concerns raised here in Washington about why the United States decided to act why did you decide to kill Iran's top general when it did the United States states and top officials in the trump administration have publicly said there was there was evidence that showed a general Soleimani pose an imminent threat to American lives we have this tremendous military and you know what that is so it's really a great fighting force but I hope we never have to.

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