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Of your cars. I wanna wish you a wonderful thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for. No, thanks to the lives, by the way. No thank for. No, thanks to the left. Let's be honest. But there's a few issues here that I'd like to address by the way, do you know? The Genesis of thanksgiving. You know, the Genesis it. The first thanksgiving took place at Plymouth colony. Massachusetts. Massachusetts is what we call it today in sixteen twenty one. And then a couple of centuries later more than a few centuries. President ABRAHAM LINCOLN declared a a national holiday the final Thursday November. Congress eventually got around to it in nineteen forty one. And. Lincoln was lobbied by Sarah Josefa hail pointed out at history dot com. She was very influential magazine editor and author. And as they point out. She waged a tireless campaign to make thanksgiving a national holiday, and she lobbied the hell out of Lincoln, and you might be more familiar with her. She wrote the classic nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb. So that's the thumbnail sketch thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family. And if he can't be with family, you know, you think about family to step back. Embrace your blessings. And to remember those who who are no longer with you and your family. And appreciate what you have. You know, when you watch CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the left wing coop media. It's amazing. You don't hate your country. It's amazing. You don't reject your faith. And yet Americans instinctively know better. Perhaps it's intuitively. We know better. Because unlike many other countries, we're free to leave if we want to and we don't. May take vacations overseas, but we always come back. This is truly such a special country. No, thanks. The leftists and by the way. No, thanks to the modern media either. Despite what they may claim. Is there vaunted position? And on this this stay Tuesday, and I will not be on the radio tomorrow. Who's on the radio tomorrow, Mr. producer? Larry O'Connor, my buddy from WMA a great by the way broadcaster, and Brian might on Friday, another great broadcaster WMA on WGN. No. And here we are thanksgiving. And what are the media doing today? They're attacking Ivanka Trump. Now. If this were a democrat administration. Ivanka trump. Jared kushner. Donald Trump junior. Eric Trump their spouses, and whomever. They'd all be treated like Camelot like the Kennedy. Ivanka Trump is an extraordinary young lady. Extrordinary? She's an extraordinary businesswoman. She's an extraordinary daughter, very loyal to her father. She's got a lot of poise. And yet they try to destroy her. You've got low-life fools like Scarborough with his low-life for girlfriends eventually wife makeup Brzezinski. Who just mocked this family? They would never do it to a child of a democrat president and never have. Nobody ever took on the daughters of the Obamas. There's reason to take them on. Some of them behave poorly, partying pictures and so forth, but people know better than to do that. But when it comes to the Trump children, they want to imprison them. If they have a setback and business or something. They celebrated. The left is very very sick. And they're getting worse. And by that include the media. Include the media. Now, avant atrop- apparently used her private Email. A few hundred times as I understand it to do government business. And of course, for the Democrats. This is equivalent to Hillary Clinton. But you really do have to have a negative IQ to draw that conclusion. And I'll explain why. Ivanka Trump did not go out of her way to create a private server. Ivanka trump. Didn't start deleting emails. That she was concerned might become public. Any vodka Trump? Didn't have a whole bunch of classified emails either. The few hundred emails not over the course of years, but over the course of what weeks and months. And she wasn't out there. Trying to deceive people. She didn't act stupid. When it was determined. She was using private e mails for government business at a very limited level at that. What do you do wipe them like with a cloth? Yet, the left celebrates Hillary Clinton as a modern feminist. Hillary Clinton is an all time hack. She's never been a feminist. She's held onto her husband's coattails from day one and attacked women who her husband attacked. That's not a modern feminist. And if by feminists, we mean, a strong woman. A strong mother. A strong wife. Intelligent, so forth. And so on. Then conservative women are feminist if on the other hand, you mean bra burning crazy, radical kooks, don't shampoo and all that. Okay. That's their side. But Yvonne, Trump is far more. Positive example of a woman than Hillary Clinton could ever be ever. Ever. She's classier. She's smarter. She's more attractive. And she's more family oriented. That's right. I said it. I said it, and I mean it. And her husband's loyal to our to what about that. Yes. Yes. Yes. And. Since they bring up Ivanka Trump. She's a very religious person. She pursued her religion. She didn't just convert to Judaism, she converted to orthodox Judaism. What is Hillary Clinton's faith? I don't even know. While she doesn't wear it on her sleeve has nothing to do it on her sleeve. She's not really into it. I don't believe. Now, one Hillary Clinton was working for her husband in the White House. She almost destroyed our healthcare system. So repugnant was she in. So repulsive was her little project. That it was rejected by the American people thoroughly and completely. Because we don't like police state healthcare. She had set up a system with thousands of her favorite friends, radical kooks, and lobbyists that would have prevented you from even buying private health care or there ever being private healthcare. And it cost the Democrats. Fifty four seats in the house and eight Senate seats. W mentioned, sir. Wherever Hillary goes. She creates chaos wherever Hillary goes. There's destruction. Because she's a left wing. A left-wing cook. May I say with all due respect? And she always has been a left wing Kook. Now when she was a little younger than Ivanka back in the day. Her hero who she sought out. What Saul Alinsky? Saul linski, a Marxist out of Chicago, Hillary, a marxists out of Illinois. She wanted to meet Solan scheme. And she met him once or twice. Chew smitten by his genius and his ideology. And she is perpetuated that poison ever since. What exactly has Hillary Clinton contributed to society? I mean this in all honesty as first lady. As sector state. Before that as a Senator as a candidate. What exactly all these years in the public eye damn little? Damn little so what Hillary Clinton does with purpose of forethought. And connivance. And what does? As an innocent error. For the Democrats. That's equivalent. Because the leaning Democrats in their party have no soul. They have. No, moral guidepost. They're out of control. I'll be right back. Mark levin. Newsradio seven forty KTAR age..

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