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Please call us at 808 590957 Again, That number is 8590957 You're listening to news talk. 7 60 W. J. R right now. Savings count more than ever. So what if you could unlock extra savings on any project with an extra 5% off all eligible purchases using the lows AAdvantage card? You can From an extra six bucks off standing that deck to saving another 75 on that new fridge. The extra savings make every project even better. Last year, cardholder saved over $300 million joined them and start your next project with a Lowe's advantage card subject to credit approval. Exclusions. Apply C store lows dot com For details US. Only Most of us like to be out in the sun. That's why sunscreen and other safety measures are key to protecting your skin from aging and cancer. The FDA recommends using a sunscreen with Sun protection factor, or SPF 15 or higher. Also look for broad spectrum on the label. That means both harmful ultraviolet A and B rays of blonde Ray's age skin be raised burn on both caused cancer. But the perfect sound screen doesn't count if you use it wrong. Don't need sunscreen on a cloudy day. Wrong. 80% of UV rays still get through behaves on ly Use sunscreen at the beach. No. Anytime you're outside, you be race. Attack the skin, So you need protection and you have to reapply Sunscreen every two hours. Remember SPF plus broad spectrum. If helping fun in the sun, visit www dot FDA dot com slash sunscreen for more information. A message from the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. This's that Horrell, founder of the Kindness revolution. This is a stressful time for.

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