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Now, you can yo. I got crow year, you got crow j you pay warrant, and you pick up do what you mean? I got grew. Yeah. You got crew on? Okay. This is exactly why. I would take by. Yeah. I did take body Jack. I I'm not sure about the other all, but it's you say, so I'm not a lie or go there. But I wanna say shoe. All of the the footage that we got from Danny? They was on their job. They was handling that business. So they got through those sellers on the grind. And you know, I wanna give big ups to owner. No one will give big the not just because I want to bet. But because bro sales hell out of these people every time I b b see what he does every fight. And what do y'all do get behind him? He got damn time. And I'm a salesman. So I appreciate salesmanship that grow their kids. You know, what this ain't gonna be the last Iago, but kids? Again, Granada Gatti's claiming to see out here, and they stay, and they I mean have you seen the people that chat all over the world could about growing the gab, rob? I mean, I they lose you don't wanna blind. Which is. I mean, explain that to me. I I don't get it. Listen base out of two redesign, man. He was. What are you talking about? I love it. I enjoyed the reverse white man because that's what the heavyweight division. It's all about man the dark out. That's what is all about. And we love it. That's all we wore. That's what we want to see the heavyweight division is never over to the twelfth ground. Nass. I love about boxing man when it comes to that heavyweight division. It ain't about who's the slave. The hardest. Do is this is the cat back in knock you fuck out. That's what I like about the weight boxer, man. That's why. Because he knocks mother out. Would you say my for being on their live chat? Had only. Only. Thank you for being on live chat. We had a bowl we had a ball on the like chat. Man. I totally joy by looking forward to another one listening. That's pretty much all I have right now. Hey buttons, no lifter. We I mean, there's so much content coming with Santa man for you to be laboratories painting sand. Also, that's the crab, man. John need to do something because he v v is put out that fire ban. So you got to get out there and do so sad shows go to pay your do something. But but the show in your pocket, and they'll do nothing. That's my call. And they know patriot. And don't don't go to them. We got four hundred watcher in and and thirty times just disrespectful can do it. Well, let me see here on lists. Looks like we. My we got one hundred seventy. My page when refresh, but but but we still need more. I feel you I feel you. I feel at least then we'd go to everybody else. Got fifty about patriots. Of course of the stove. We call. Bye..

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