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City tv or something like that late night late great movies and it was a theatrical guided had the the narration and a happy ending but i was just trains fixed with it nice and it really like it just pushed me into such a directive wanting that sort of i didn't understand why i felt so moody and affected by that kind of slow yeah creepy sifi and rutger hauer is amazing performance in that fucking monologue at the end lupus zoellick different than everything the arrow unusual and it's still the benchmark like when i wanna see a science fiction movie it's always i want 'bladerunner a year which is why i've watched it so many times because nothing scratch the edge uh but i her there during this stocked with his last week as a don't do this yeah i'm going to fucking bucket up but then you're live there like a guy did evil a new via ryan gosling yeah as a very good here's harrison forge bags and it was i think he's going to put it in this game i don't know if he should be backer of the air de can be sleepy in some of these movies or whatever and then also mike but you have the ambiguous ending of blazy bryanne are they going to address that fucking answer don't answer it yeah i think you should answer yeah anyway so here we are yes uh i saw he i just saw sought today uh fresh in your mind rush um yeah i went in kind of just excited to watch a new sifi movie on this level i came around on sifi when i was young i really didn't like sifi and that's the reason why didn't likes star wars yours i when i was a kid i was kinda like space bullshit no i don't know why i just wasn't me weird so it is really weird like i remember being like seeing.

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