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A M A 20 w NYC This'd is W N. Y. C. FM, HD and AM New York. Good morning. The rollout of vaccines for covert 19 has so far been slower than expected Reasons include local logistics, Ah, lack of funding and staffing struggles. What it'll take to speed things up public health systems of the state local level need much more support going forward if we're going to return to any sense of normal soon. I'm Carrie Nolan. It's morning edition from NPR and W N. Y. C. The economy impacted people very unevenly in 2020 will look at what the new Year may hold. Vaccine distribution is underway in nursing homes and long term care facilities across New York City this week. And we'll have a remembrance of the late, enigmatic rapper MF Doom. It's Friday, January 1st Good morning, 2021. The news is next. Live from NPR news. I'm nor Rahm. The Senate is beginning the New year with a rare and New year's Day session. Unfinished business must be concluded before the new Congress begins Sunday. Senators are to cast procedural votes today and tomorrow, which would clear the way to vote tomorrow on whether to override the president's veto of a major defense fill. The House voted to override it Monday. Senator David Perdue of Georgia has gone into quarantine after close exposure to someone infected with Cove in 19. Purdue is engaged in a tough runoff race. The quarantine takes him off the campaign trail just days before the election. From member station W A. B lily Oppenheimer reports. The Purdue campaign says the senator and his wife both tested negative for the virus Thursday. Even so, per do his wife and his campaign team say they'll follow CDC guidelines. Senator who faces Democratic challenger John Ausaf in Tuesday's election runoff plan to attend a rally with President Trump this weekend in Georgia. Trump will be there in an effort to boost Republican turnout for what is expected to be a very tight contest. The outcome of two U. S Senate run offs and Georgia will determine which party controls the Senate in the next Congress for NPR News. I'm the Lee Oppenheimer in Atlanta. Ah study, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a rapid test to detect the coronavirus gives incorrect results more frequently than people who use it may expect NPR's Richard Harris reports rapid test called an urgent tests can give results in 15 minutes, so they're handy for screening large populations like university campuses, nursing homes in prisons. Researchers studied to college campuses in Wisconsin to measure the accuracy of one common indigent test. They compared results with a PCR test, which is the gold standard. They found that the Energon test only detected about 40% of the infections and people who had no symptoms at the time. It did better picking up covert in people with symptoms correctly identifying infections. 80% of the time, the researchers say, Even people with a negative entity in test results should still take precautions, like wearing masks and standard time. Seven hours, three minutes 15 seconds. Universal and a new start for Europe. Now that Britain has left the European Union, Rebecca Rossman reports from Kelly, a port city in northern France. I would say there's a lot of sadness and also a little bitterness. French President Emmanuel Macron gave his annual New year's Eve address yesterday to the French people. And he talked about Brexit. In his speech, he said, You know that the UK will always remain a friend and neighbor of France. But.

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