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As opposed to being a distributor pablo made a great point he was like what is sub tweet nisit when you demonstrate your photographic memory on all these plays but did you remember jordan clark's day completely i saw that every in every time when he's like let something slip like that it's been on purpose he's got him he does this pablo pablo got a run and listen his head of all the filipinos that do anything no where the sports jordan clarkson is on the list did you know that why no he's like a member of the filipino like national he's like one quarter quarter filipino now the filipino national team tried to just get javale mcgee in that didn't that didn't happen but they tried to get javale mcgee on the team because i mean i think he's played in the filipino league some feet tall so you know they tried to they tried to bring them in but not i still think the camps are going to win this i think the cavs are going to win game to the cavs don't win game to game three becomes the latest installment of the biggest game of the bronze career as bouyed by the way we're gonna stack those up all the games lebron head there were the biggest game lebrons career because i can name like thaba talk about those biggest games the bras career for you the biggest thing and your career is probably the next person that you are going to hire finding great talent is difficult not everybody's lucky enough to have somebody like gave working with what do you need to do ziprecruiter they knew there's a smarter way so they built a platform the fis right job candidates for you ziprecruiter lers what you're looking for it identifies people with the right experience and they invite them to apply to your job invitations revolutionized how you find your next higher eighty percents of employers who post those ziprecruiter get quality candidate through the site in just one day and there's more they even spotlight the strongest applications you receive so you never miss a great match the right candidates are out there in ziprecruiter is how you find the businesses of all sizes trust dip recruiter for their hiring needs my listeners right now to try ziprecruiter for free reunited nine go to ziprecruiter dot com slash bowl money that's ziprecruiter dot com slash bomani ziprecruiter smarter way too high.

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