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Oh yeah that's because of this and so it was an incredible experience. Also being able to there is a lot of that. We're the same age you know all of us girls. And then you had nick and had josh and we were all the same age you were all living next to each other in this little Neighborhood albert houses were next to each other so we have this really incredible once in a lifetime. Kind of experience bonding as friends and making this epic tale. It's amazing because i by the way. Nick is one of my favorite human beings as well if not him for our end But invariably it comes up with filmmakers to your buddy steven soderbergh has like one of my favorite quotes about the film which is something to the effect of like. I can't understand how like dozens of people didn't die while making it like as a filmmaker and this is steven soderbergh talking. I can't either and my husband was on the stunt team and you know people got injured but nothing nothing crazy. It's it's actually wild for how long we shot for the stunts they were doing for it. All being real I think i saw a green screen once the whole six months. You know what i mean cruiser. It was incredible that nobody died. It's it's an inspiring movie to watch just as a film fantasy like what he was able to do We should get zola. Because i'm such a fan of the swan and before time runs out I got a chance to watch it again. I told you i could. When i saw a movie awards i saw way back when and sundance over a year ago. I refreshed recently. It still holds up as this wild. Very unique uniquely told story So this is for those that don't know this is maybe the first movie. Based on a series of tweets of it is a wild ride. Talked me about how it's presented to you like were you at all. Wear the backstory of this Wake what intrigued when you heard about it so i was able to read the twitter thread in real time in two thousand fifteen. Somebody sent me so. I got that of viral experience which i'm thankful for I somebody sent it to me. I was in my apartment. You kind of start the twitter threat. You just can't stop. Which is why it went viral voices so compelling. She's an incredible writer. She really paints this picture. And these characters jump out of. I would say off the page off of this red. And you're just in this wild world and So a few years later. I was actually toronto at at the festival and my agent side You know there's this film they're making it about that twitter's right i don't know if you've heard of it And you know eight twenty four is doing it in the director really wants you to to to read it and if you respond you know me me with her and i was initially dislike. Wow how howard. One adapt a twitter thread into screenplay. So that was you know. Got my attention. And then they sent me the script with and it was incredibly apparent reading the script that these were people who came from a real theater background that the they were kind of genius you know not kind of they were genius and so i was and you know. Engine had a writing. Credit and jeremy had the writing credit. And i'm going well if this is you know the way they're writing out surely she's an incredible. You know artists. So i went and met with her and she just blew my mind. She's so she's a genius. And you know the. I've i've been so lucky to work with incredible filmmakers but janetta is one of definitely my top top five or three or two. You know no illing geniuses that i've kind of been so lucky to work with and so it was a combination between this like wild script and janetta and then of course The character was just not always you know down. No fees of chaos feels just the friend you do not want to be in the bunker where she's gonna lead you down the wrong path every single time and somebody said to me in the very beginning like hayes in the american honey birdie played this and i was like. This is absolutely non-american honey. This very different you know. I think that's why i needed to speak to her like. I think this is much more theatrical. I think this is bigger. I think this is I had an idea of what it was. And luckily that was what nixon alerted his law. We can tell a lot by the opening line of a character. And i don't know if it was in the script but in the movie it's y'all got helping new poppers that says to know yes. We do so per kind of our conversation earlier. I mean did you ever do. You feel like you're out on a whim like out on the ledge on this performance like do you feel like you're totally in safe hands or do you feel like this could come across the wrong way and give me a sense of like once. You're in good. Come across the wrong way in anybody else's hands and that was that was kind of you know. Once i met her i was like i trusted her. I felt safe in her in her With this film in her hands. I just i. I had so much trust in her. That i was able to not have to think about those things. Really go for it and you know she really wanted to push it. She wanted on the page. This characters extremely offensive and and our conversation was just about how far to push that in. Genetics just wanted to push it as far as possible in geneva fashion you know and so i you know i just kind of was like all right. I trust you and and Yeah i would imagine in a much different way. But i'm gonna compare it in a bizarre way to mad max like it's one thing to read a script and then it's another thing to see the finished product like i don't i can only imagine what it was like to see the first cut or whatever you saw mad max fury road because you can't see what that's going to be even on the page in a similar way though to this. There's something intangible about what she does with. The direction here has a very dreamlike kind of quality to do. Do those two experiences like jump out at you like when you saw these films in particular in the finished product is found. Jump out at me in that. Both of them. Mad max and zola. I made some of my closest lifelong friendships. said the experience personally was as feeling the artistically And the first time. I saw the mad max trailer. I cried because we all put so much into it. We put a year of are more than a year. We allot the film pushed so we put you know we. We had two years of our lives into it and that similar zola and that we put all this time into the pandemic hit. And we're all going through these personal things together. Same with mad max. We'd gone to heartaches you know Love people having cheered like all of these things by the time. The movies coming out and zola's the same thing we've been through heartache. Love grief all of these things together as friends and then the movies sort coming out so both of them totally parallel for me in that sense so going back a bit i apologize. My podcast is the inconsistency is that i go back and forth a while because my branches rambles but We we mentioned soderbergh. He has to be kind of be pivotal or a pivotal filmmaker in your career. Of course he. Stephen changed my life. Stephen gave me You know he gave me a shot. He kind of put me in the girlfriend experience..

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