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Hopefully they'll read viktor frankl because it's on the syllabus not because they're fucking depressed someday as like yeah and it's so it tries me nuts because everyone does this socio economic bullshit the all the all the kids need to do it all the time like i open sunny store every morning ago hey champ excited big day love having you here this is gonna be great and i just leave and then italia who sleeps two hours longer than sunny does at nine thirty i just open her door and she saw on logs and you know fill the hundred ten pound lab just coast bounding upon their dives honored churchill just huge tongue just lic licnen or face and laying on top of her is your qorschi screaming like no no but i know it's a great memory and i love it like and i don't do it at six in the morning our wait till after nine thirty wants a basically come on time now but the idea that she decides his puge dog lane and and ice like i was in the kitchen today and fill was just sitting in the kitchen and sunny just got down on one knee and he did i kissed him into this like feeling startalk and it's weird boys a fairly boohbooh drew you know nights like he's having this moment with his big dog like why wouldn't you get a dog why when you have a dog for your kids like that such a memory.

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