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From ninety of movie industry academy awards a winner for best film move shapal the record year modell toward greatest thing or our doors and our industry is to raise the lines in the sand we should continue doing that when the wall for men for darkest hour best actress frances mcdormand 43 billboards outside being missouri had two words to be with you tonight ladies and gentlemen inclusion rider and there was much talk about hollywood sexual harassment scandals residents from virginia to massachusetts are still dealing with the aftermath of that friday nor'easter that left many of them in the dark rebecca belder salary stop by her condo sunday in scituate massachusetts is absolutely i haven't seen a hispanic ever she is not returning home until the power comes back on in some places up and down the atlantic coast that could be days about a half a million customers are still without power full amtrak service is resuming in the morning five months ago american soldiers were ambushed by islamic extremists in these year isis has not released propaganda video footage of their murderous attack cbs news national security correspondent david martin has taken a look would be two hours from the start of the ambush before french aircraft arrived on the scene these soldiers were on their own one of them went down another rushed to aside and then dragged him back to the cover of the suv their position at the suv was about to be overrun except for the smoke from the grenades and a few scrubbed trees there were there's no cover and no escape a florida state senate votes today on a bill stitch together after the recent gun rampage at stone men douglas high school in south florida lee 100page bill includes provisions on both school safety and guncontrol andrew polics daughter meadow was one of the seventeen people killed and park than last month he was on cbs's face the nation if we all focus together one nation no political affiliation we could work together and and make the school safe not happening today classes in.

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