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All right welcome to the krypton report. I'm your host tyler. And today we're gonna talk about the long halloween part two now. If you're listening to this and you're like well why didn't you talk about the long. How impart one what we did was a youtube exclusive so i had to bring back the boys to talk about that. You know what maybe we'll throw a part one as a as an episode. We'll see how this month goes because life is crazy but it's horrible to hear me talk by myself. So i brought in the backup. Would you please give a round of applause for mr james cole song. And all the way from a few miles down the road. Welcome mr brian. Peters forget about me and that's solomon the boy of steel and their salo. The girl is still hanging out. Moving around being crazy with a few more days left until school starts. So let's jump right into this guy's Allies on here the long halloween part to how many times. How many times did you watch james. I've only had chance to watch him in a got it on on the ground right now. I was the first one twice. I watched the second also. I watched the second one twice. And i will say that it. You should watch twice. I feel that watching the second time. I i liked it better. Not that i didn't like it. I just felt like there was more you get more of it. Sounds sometimes when you know because because you were students of film and comics pop. I think like and i know this is what i do. James gets on me all the time about it. When i watched it the first time i it's me studying it You know and then wasn't that studying in. i'm like okay then each time after it. I don't have to stay anymore. Harry know what's happening though. I think that's definitely why you enjoy the four. And i need to sit down and just watches one big movie and see. That's off point as i can't wait to buy some watches one moving because what i feel about this is that i feel like when i started this movie. I feel like i was watching a movie. I hit pause. I went and did some stuff for like a month then. Got an sat down. Hit on pause. I don't feel really started as movie the pacing. We came in in the middle of a movie because we came at the beginning of like the mid movie montage. The cw did it a can take a couple of weeks. We're back that emotional rollercoaster. You are on screw that it's done so also i wanna point out for anybody who has watched it or listen to us talk about it. Jump over to batman on film and their podcast. They did an interview with the screenwriter. Both for part one in for part to So it it was really helpful to hear him talk about it. So yeah so we'll We'll keep moving forward here You know the thing about the film. Is you know that it is a twelve issue book. Thirteen issue but sorry and we have three hours to do it. You know but i feel like they. I don't know where. Brian go ahead. What was your overall thoughts without spoilers. Just kind of thoughts. Without spoiling i thought i thought part one just part to With trying to in life partner. I felt like the pace was off I felt like so much stuff especially in the beginning. So much got rushed I mean i understand why they why they did rush some things But i saw like the pace was often this one. I felt like the outcome was okay. But i didn't feel like it was written well enough to get that emotional punch that we could have really got With the reveal and and everything was holiday. i yeah. I felt this. I felt the second part just was it was a little bit of a mess. James go second art. It had a lot of story to tell. I think i'm dumb opening up with how much story they had a towel You know it's meaning timing at different places. And one thing that i on this one that i enjoyed on. I want a phantom still. I'll a title r. and b. e. n. From from the comic book that furhter weapon the holiday item of choice last year now. They were there but they did not focus on them at all like they did a i one thing and i i enjoyed it. It doesn't i agree with both james point that out. I'm glad that james pointed out like it. It it it did make it feel like you're watching a totally different movie at times like i'm with james on this like the focus was on something else in this one and that's and that's why i feel like a lot of this movie and that's why i say this movie starts in the middle of a regular phone is where you have your montage. Which is what this movie starts with and.

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