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Hi there it's molly brandenburg carter and i want to do something special for the conspiracy theories listeners as thank you for being so great to us we're giving you a sneak peek of my new show great women of business each week the show examines a different woman's arduous journey and discusses the business principles utilized to launch them into greatness everybody here at park cast as worked really hard on this show and we're so excited to bring it to you today's sneak peek episode is on martha stewart and we really think you'll like it and if you do check out our other two episodes on julia child and coco chanel and don't forget to subscribe to great women of business wherever you listen to podcasts have fun i love sleeping on my leesa mattress you can try at leesamattress in your own home for one hundred nights riskfree available in the us uk canada and germany online with free shipping this one hundred percent american made mattress ships compressed in a box right to your door or try it at the lisa dream gallery in soho new york city and virginia beach and over eighty west elm stores nationwide get one hundred and thirty dollars off and get a free pillow when you go to l e e s a dot com slash women in nineteen ninety nine martha stewart became the first self made female billionaire in the united states five years later she was a federal convict when she left prison in two thousand five she came back to a faltering company shattered image and a fraction of the wealth she had built over forty years as a lifestyle mogul close friends and business partners pulled away unconscious she could ever recover the public was largely thrilled by her demise as though they had finally put her in her place for all intents and purposes martha stewart was done all that was left for her was an early retirement but martha had other plans she had spent her entire life building one of the largest media empires and she wasn't going down without a fight.

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