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Nba bike maier alma mater university rhode island there avenue a historic here this year they take in on the chin the past two weeks but there have an unbelievable year they won the eight ten regular season they advocate in dc math years who when he went to rhode island was fought hey maybe this is a one in done type kid five years later he's going through a bunch of injuries and now looking like he's more more of a european player but if one if there were some leaves employees to wear when the rhode island fan base was all gaga when they brought him in and they did a signing or what not people paid twenty bucks a lack to stand in line and have two or three things signed by you see matthews and he ended up getting the money from that how does that hurt anybody and that's the thing if you're a woman donner you're not thinking about education and everybody tries to turn this into education and i don't know i mean if i'm an nba player and i'm a first round pick and i make twenty five million dollars on a contract and i don't do anything other than that i can educate myself i can put people around me that are educated i'm not saying we don't need people to help these young men make better decisions but a lot of what is being talked about is for a small small small segment of college football and college basketball of the real highend players that are going to be sure things you know the leonard for next to the world were three years ago as unique got the hell out of there or marquel folds who went to washington one year and got the hell out of there marco paul marcoux faults went to washington for education then that's on you i can help you with that i think we've been educated enough as sports fans to know that we're trying to come up with something that every kid can take advantage of one of those forty five hundred college basketball players they might only be two or three hundred of them that can really make some bucks on.

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