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Wife and I I'm trying to think of the year I forget the year I was still the navy. She got a pregnant and then we we lost that baby miscarriage and so that that that was probably where my my perspective changed. we We we lost a baby. I think before that there was a lot of apprehension about becoming a dad worries concerns then my wife got pregnant and then you know then you then everything everything kinda emotionally changes with us on they get excited about it and the thoughts of all that could be kinda surfaced and then Then we we lost the baby and and it took us so if my oldest daughter is thirteen I think so that was right. He's sixteen years ago so it took us about to to cover about three years before she got pregnant with our first daughter. And so we didn't we did it. No they maybe we weren't going to be able to have kids and so I think that losing the first child all sort of Shaped my you know my perspective of kids that their blessing and and so then we had our our oldest and we're super grateful. We didn't know if we're going to have another one three years later than another one came. We were super grateful for that one. Then the third one you know oh about three years later a boy came and and then shockingly eighteen months after that we had the arrival of of our last Our last son and so I You know I'm not answering questions but I think I'm grateful for children. I think they're super huge blessing. And I I do think our our our culture and in society has has lied to people about the expense and inconvenience de children are But they're huge blessing in I'm I I just super grateful to be a dad. Yeah very well said. I think you're right. There is one of the number one thing that I say that people say when I tell them I have four children. They look at me like I had Six heads and they're like. Oh Wow you know they look at me like I'm a Rockstar. Like how could you ever afford that net and it's They say I could never afford a you know a child right now and I'm just I. I don't really know how to respond. Sometimes I just say well. That's not the truth. That's just the way that you're seeing and it's not that you can't afford it. You're just telling yourself that you fan so I it's kind of sad to hear so many of the different perspectives. That especially the young men have What fatherhood and family life is really all about absolutely now becoming a pastor? was that something that you intervened before you joined teams or the Navy or is that something that came during your service your during my service. I I was not I was not a religious guy at all I made it through training and after training Checking into seal team three on June twenty third of nineteen ninety five on on July second. I had a I basically got drunk went out drive in at twenty years old and how to resist innovating arrest and kind of over the course of the next eighteen months I lost my security clearance and ultimately got it back but during during that window my life kind of fell apart and I had a friend that was a Christian and so he he doc may go to church a bunch and I. I finally conceded that I would go once and I went once and and through that time I You know I I accepted Christ as my savior and and then began the journey of trying to figure out how did being a navy seal and being a Christian fit together and ultimately for my a master's I my thesis was on the Christian combat and and really helping guys My my one of my passions is helping people who who carry arms arms to protect people how to how to reconcile the use of force and their faith and so. That's you know I was not a Sunday. They school kid growing up at all. Yeah I think that's one of the biggest questions that I would have to. I mean I've had other seals on the show Eddie. Ten who who Found Christ and became. Ah changes life around too but it's it is one of those things like. How do you help the justify Especially military service members about thou shall not kill while being you you know about I. Yeah well you you hit you hit on a you. Know One of the the cruxes There's a different the you said Thou shall not kill. It's actually not murder and murder and killing are two different Hebrew words from that text and so so there's There's there's there's a difference between murdering somebody and and justifiable like self defense or taking the human life in a different circumstance. So so there's so I do think that there's a there's a there's a misconception as Argument carries over to Romans Thirteen the first four verses there I talked about that God. God has established the Authority to protect society from evildoers. And it doesn't bear the SORTA in vain and so the the heart of it is those that are anybody nobody that serves and from law enforcement to the military When they're doing it they're not representing themselves? They they they stand for the authorities that are over them and so they a They function in the capacity of administrator administering justice for for the government and so in most cases especially law enforcement they use of force says always in in protection of their own life or the protection of another's life The military it it gets more complicated For for a thirty minute phone interview but Within the context of the United States every soldier every law enforcement if they don't function according to Really the judeo-christian ethic that our nation was founded on. They will be held accountable. And there's there's plenty of law enforcement officers and plenty of military in jail and prison for for Not Not using force in accordance with law if that makes sense Yeah no I can only imagine the the difficult battles I must take place on. You know your inner conversations with people that I just WanNa. I'm very grateful for the Veterans Law enforcement or all these people that have many women that that put their lives on the line to protect us because it must be a very difficult battle and I do too. I think under a long. I talked about on the PODCASTS. A lot about the fatherless problem we have if there's an attack on the family life in this country and I think that combined with the fact that God has been removed from so much of our school system in our society. I think those two factors alone are responsible for creating most of the problems that we have and it makes I mean I agree with you within the within the teams. It's it's pretty well known that most most those most of the guys in the seal team's while we all have different stories. It there's an. There's an overarching theme. That many of us do come from broken families and find our our families within the seal teams and and those men tend to be the men that shape us and I think through my time growing into manhood in the seal teams from the men there that poured into my life. They Kinda it taught me how to become a dad and ultimately that's why I I left the service at twelve years eight years from retirement because Because I have such a fractured family tree and background. That I often said You know I'm okay. Messing up everything my life and failing it everything but the one thing. I don't want to fail out as my marriage and and my being a dad and so for me that that that meant walking away from the teams eight years from retirement so that I could be home and present with my family even if there was some You you know. Maybe there's some financial fears of of walking away from of You know a full military retirement For the sake of Investing and my kids. And you know I've been out now for twelve years and I've been fine and I'll be at every there. was you know the the risk I ended up not being as great as the reward of being able to be around for my kids and my wife. Yeah Yeah that's awesome gone right and what. What about in deal teams? Is there any type like Is Religion Something that's like Not Not talked about in the teams or is it like everybody's welcome to practice their religion as they are the kind of thing that kept quiet among among the team guys I mean obviously over the last. You know this this war has been going on for for some time now and things have shifted and so I think.

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