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Comes after the Gamecocks fired head coach will must champ Siren Shane Beamer to replace him and covert 19 issues caused one game to be postponed in the SEC yesterday, positive cases and quarantines at Vanderbilt calls them to call off their game with number. 10, Tennessee. That game was actually a late addition to the schedule because of cancelations from Missouri in South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt are set to play this Saturday night. You can find more sports and access Wdun 26 minutes after seven o'clock moving into this brand new day and maybe you're out there. You're bounding about you thinking, man. I am tired of getting into the same old vehicle. These seats are cold and stiff on a cold morning like this had to scrape that windshield front and back tired of this. Well, get over it. Get on over to green Ford, checking with Grover the very young and the great staff over there and get the car. That's best for you. Whether it's new or used, you will have to be worrying about those seats not being heated. Hey, get into the modern world. You get those heated seats. You look good on a morning like this morning or maybe after a hard day, losing those back muscles up, So you feel better, but they have got so many choices there for whatever you might need. Just just amazing. The four line up is just Fantastic when you take a look. It escapes expeditions. Explorers, uh, all sorts of trim levels that you can get. If you want a people mover. If you're looking to really move some stuff F one fifties, the two fifties three fifties. They've got those as well. And of course, you know the Ford F 1 50. That's the most popular that's out there. And for good reason. If you ever drive one and look at the styling, you'll know exactly why that's how you get the job done. Whether you want to door you want the Ford or get the crew cab, whatever it might be. Take great care of you are now the sporty side. Of course, the Mustangs and Hey, the E must name the All electric Mustang is coming out. So that's kind of exciting to see how that's going to do and get a chance to drive that those air finally good vehicles and they are peppy. They are petty. Lots of torque. Lots of Tory. So check that out as well. And when it comes to getting that car, we all know what drives a deal. It's not gasoline in the tank. What drives the deal is the money side of the financing. And you're probably thinking real, But I'm gonna need financing. Maybe I've got a ding. In my credit. I'm not Don't worry about it. Worry about it. They've got all sorts of ways to get you finance. They want to make sure that you, eh? Get the car. That's right for you Wanna make sure that's the car that you can afford is well, so you could be comfortable behind the wheel and comfortable when it comes to making the payments as well. They're in it. For you to make it the best for you. The customer green for good folks there. Check him out. You're gonna find in there on Brown's Bridge Road under the big blue oval. Drop by, Say hi. And why they're checking with Grover the Bear Young. Why don't you 20 minutes after seven North Georgia's news talk not to check up on what's going on with birthdays for today, and we do have some celebrations to pass away. Got a great list Folks here today. Birthdays brought you by Kessler Tire and alignment. Somebody's going to get that nice.

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