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But you know what you have to do a better job than that control and the coach, it looked to me at times was trying. He was hugging those girls so tight, so they wouldn't get out there and have those emotions erupt again. But what I'd like to address this shameful on all the back headlines of all the British tabloids. Seriously? You know what's really shameful about the World Cup? And women's soccer is that they don't get the money they deserve. They don't get the equal pay. If you care so much about women's soccer, why don't you talk about the real shameful things in this incredible point? Jackie, thank you for a dressing that, that is also to the side of this conversation. I think could you say those tablets were taking the cue from Neville and what he'll ask you that did never go too far. Absolutely. Let me step back and talk about what's happened during the World Cup. Do United States. Women were. Castigated because they celebrated so much. They react to the motion. They showed the kind of motion that we see in this country. Okay. Cameroon reacts with abortion. They are disappointed. They're upset. Sure, they did some things that were not classy, you wanna put their way, but it's the same sort of situation where people want them to everybody. That's participating woke up to be in the same box and just do exactly what they're supposed to do. I don't get it whatsoever. I think Cameroon had the right to sit there and talk about wall. Do we really want to accept this, just like the United States, women decided they wanted to celebrate? I saw Notting really approval in some ways it shaking it in other ways. I wanna go back to him on say's. This a lot of people are saying, you know, Phil Neville, who you talk, you played at Manchester United with two guys that were chippy players Roy Keane, antenna. But he's the head coach of team and everyone on this panel knows when you're a coach, one of your top. Stories if not number one is the health safety and wellbeing of your players, and that's who was talking about. Should take that up with the people directly involved in. He should also know as they head coach of England women national team that he is representing the game on a larger level in that is ultimately the problem. This is a bad look for this tournament when he read you brought up early because discussion we had, and that came about gender stereotyping, which, of course, is still in play ear can black Blackstone, looting to racial stereotyping as well here and Jack you bring up the here that it's also about the disrespect is game received all these can be true. All of port of this team. Also still go too far in their elbows in their reaction in reactions celebrating goals because you have teams that are funded differently and celebrated differently in their country, which then gets how Marta raft up her potentially her career here in the. Three not mind, this may be her. She may be the greatest time, have a to use her time here to stick to the younger generation Brazilian players. It's kind of an easy. She says, Ryan the beginning smile at the end. Bruins would also work at smile to beginning so you can cry, which is what martyr showing our here. We'll be back. Thank you very much. That's the PTI just the other fire cells. I. The word is brought to you by Taco Bell. Not Joe fries. Welcome back to around the horn coming to you from the Heineken river deca tear seventeen. York met manager. Mickey Callaway he's managing tonight. The Mets have apologized and sincerely regrets, and do not condone behavior of Calloway as widely reported because this happened. Hello in front of a all the reporters, Newsday beat writer Tim Healy Sankt. See you tomorrow. Mickey Callaway, not liking the tone reported the state. Don't be a smart bleep mother..

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