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I want to win a thousand dollars eight thousand bucks beat that thing. I'm gonna go on vacation. I'm. Be your chance to win a thousand dollar an hour cash contests on NewsRadio twelve hundred thousand dollar an hour cash. Contest on W is presented by amazing exteriors, siding windows, doors and more only that saves you money for a free in-home consultation to amazing exteriors dot com or call three four zero eight thousand that's three four zero eight thousand we've sold several homes, and it's always been a major hassle. I'm here with Tim talking about perch, the home-buying company that gives you a fair market price offer for your home in twenty four hours. The thing that I attract me was how easy perch makes. Getting an offer you go online, enter your address and in twenty four hours to get an offer for your home. And when my wife, and I had questions perch connected us with rich one of their local experts who answered all our questions walked us through the process and stayed with us from offer to sail and their offer we got our price, but even better, no open houses. No. Oh, costly upgrades or repairs. No contingencies are worries about the deal fallen through last minute. And we got to choose our closing date. So you'd recommend perch. Oh, no question. They made selling a breeze, and we got our price to thanks, Jim. If you're thinking about selling or just curious would perch would pay for your home. Get an cost no obligation offer at perch dot com. That's P E R C, H dot com, perch dot com..

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