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Oh, I'm sorry. Hi, this is Russell from Chicago. Hey, russell. What's your question? I've got a question for you. Jimmy. Can you say three nice things about Sean Hannity? Let's see. He's got a nice square jaw right? He's he's not a bad looking guy. And I think he's tall are right. Very good. It's got a nice outta hair to that was some that got that got nasty that feud are feud. Yes, really, all my feuds, get nasty. I think it's me. I think on the common denominator. It's lyle. Let's go to heaven for Minneapolis for Jimmy Kimmel. What your question Evan? Fellas. Okay. Jimmy, spill not what was going through your head during your last interview with cognac. Oh, he know what was going through my head. You'll what we've got some commercials we need to run and he's never going to stop talking. It's just going to ask you where you thinking like. Wow. This is a river of words, and I can't get. No, you're doing a live show. Well, they start a story, and they're like thirty seconds left in the break. Oh, we got to let the story in. But also, I do have to go to the commercial, right? It's terrifying. Yeah. It is. It's it's yeah. It's a lot of pressure because you got to juggle those you got in a bloody feud with him to it's but at that actually wound up being fine. Yeah. That wanna being fine. Yes. I actually liked Khania lot. And also Jay leno's on our show tomorrow with him. Do you had a feud with him? But that actually I heard that that you heard from him during your son's health scare that is true. He called me. And he was very nice. And I was like what am I child Ymer going on with these of Carly be texted wanting to know, if you think it would be possible for the man show to exist on TV right now. Yes, I think it would. I think not only would it be possible. I think it would be more popular than it ever. It was really. Yeah. Even in this, especially all there's a certain portion of society that is outrage behind the outrage, and I think that they would probably find it to be exhilarating. Does that mean, maybe you'll do it? No. I never do it. No. Are you in touch with Letterman a lot now? I wouldn't say a lot every once in about once a year. Yeah. You know, he sends me a thank you note. Nice. Yeah. For nothing just for the hell of it. Thanks for being. Let's go to Shannon from Brooklyn for Jimmy Kimmel Hayes, Shannon. What's your question? Hey, shannon. Hey, I just had a question for you guys. Got. So my question is late night edition. Shag kill Mary, co bear Fallon corden. Okay. Who are you gonna shy? Who are you going to kill? I've found that. There's never ever any good good outcome to. I had this on the Howard Stern show. Once somebody asked me that gee, I kill Harry. And I said, I think I said shag, Robin, Mary Howard and kill Fred. Okay. And Fred was mad at me for like nine years. If you know mine, I'm gonna pass, right? Speaking of Howard, yob stir role said will you take over for Howard? If he retired yob Stirrup. Yeah. Though one could ever take over for. No, exactly fool's errand. Do would you ever want to go back to radio? I love radio. I love I do love. Right. Yeah. And I hear you on the series XM. Yes. That's right. Yes. I got you Joe. The disarming days was your joke a real gift for some Meese you in the baby. And this is not something that you're going to be able to use right away, obviously. But it's something that I think would be fun. I'm sorry that we should have done. You know, a lot of times they'll do a fake, wrapping. We'd just. We did not have the good sense for that. I'm sorry. All right. We're going to you're not gonna believe this. But I didn't read this. But it's a little. One woman, you know. Doorbell. Is it the door bundles at the door? I didn't hear about others. Is it?.

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