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I do declare I'll take the Shanta clears six, you know, coming in, and they got represent Myrtle Beach in the final follow. There's 60. There were 15 team, the compa Chris, the shot of the You know the top 25. Right now He's got a whole bunch of random teams not to disrespect Marcelin, Coastal Carolina but basically All the tax Well, it has been held back, and then you starting to see teams pretty back up into the foam on the top of like top 15 so The U. S. He will have to say about this reports all squared away. I'm just telling you, I mean that they looked good enough. They look like they belong. They can only get better from the Arizona State game today as we get ready in a couple of minutes to give you our Saturday night specials, Chicago's college tailgate with Chris Black John Hood with you As we are brought to you by four wins Casino. More college football talk is right around the corner, Chicago's College tailgate show in 1000, Chicago, home for Sports. Anyone who has ever needed self storage knows what a hassle it could be. You have to rent or borrow a truck and then find someone to help you move your stuff and let's face it. Moving furniture and heavy items without damaging them isn't easy. Renting the unit is worse. The hidden fees and admin costs are scarier than the dingy facilities. You're leaving your stuff in. Why not? Jews closet box? Instead, closet boxes, self storage without leaving home, They'll pick up your belongings, store them securely and bring any item back when you need it the best part..

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