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In commerce city between the I. seventy six rams and go Backstreet taking a look at your fox thirty one pinpoint weather for this afternoon sunshine we should see a high of eighty nine degrees tonight partly cloudy skies with lower fifty seven so the looks the warm could be record breaking online with a high of ninety seven degrees right now it's eighty for the airport I'm Jack Ryan on KO a newsradio Colorado's news traffic and weather station remember to click or call eight one one before you begin any outdoor project it requires digging thanks eight one one for helping me find my new guard I could have installed the new fence without you thanks a one one our new wave that is really being enjoyed thanks eight one one the service is free and easy and within three business days locators will mark your property for underground utilities so you can dig safely underground utility lines such as water electric natural gas and cable TV are everywhere having the market before you can prevent injuries or potential five make it really easy download the free eight one one AM the app allows you to enter your address select the work you'll be doing and submit your locate request in one quick and easy stuff click or call eight one one before you day and visit Colorado eight one one dot org for more information sponsored by Colorado eight one one the Colorado broadcasters association and this station the IRS is the most feared agency in the world you've heard ads from other companies offering to help taxpayers only if they over ten thousand dollars here at platinum tax defenders we are a plus rated with the better business bureau and we're proud to be one of the only tax firms in the country understands that people who less than ten thousand dollars need help just as badly the IRS doesn't care how much money you owe they'll still garnish your wages and even.

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