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Memes on our Facebook page and people like this is the most biased page like dude, I'm going to talk shit when Arsenal's bad, and that's even my team. I put a shitty things about my team when marina was going through of the United posted bad things about Man United. We have a Man United support Morton's posted how much like it's all banter. So that's all it is some people really like like Liverpool because they're Scousers. I mean from the north that's also fine. But you're in club. Let me just say. Okay. All right finish off. Okay. Okay. Angry old man here. Look Nobis fucking jealous of urine Klopp or Liverpool. Jealousy is not. I do not want Manchester. United to be like Liverpool. I don't think Manchester City wants to be like Liverpool just the same as ours. No, Chelsea and taunt him. And it's not jealousy mate. You. You guys lost a Champions League final. And that was the crowning achievement of Liverpool in the past ten years. So it's not jealous. Let me just put that out there. The Vakhin shit talk is ninety percent banter, and then the assholes like me and Manchester United fans who just can't fucking close their mouths for longer than ten seconds. So if we see you doing good is not because we're jealous. It's because we hate you. And we just want to be better than you. It's not jealousy though. Because but Klopp look brilliant Titian his one hundred percent Ben a great manager for Liverpool. But I'm sorry. The closest person who got Manchester. I'm sorry. Not mentioned I'm getting join to fuck me Liverpool to a title was not your clock. Merinos said it best your club is a serial runner up. Rafa Benitez in my opin. Nyon was the better coach and had the better squad taking out a better rhythm, then Klopp does. And that's just my opinion. And the Liverpool hate is genuinely for no reason people just like rooting against people who haven't won in a while. Like, everybody loves ruin and talking shit about the Browns. Nobody's jealous of the Browns. So people are just assholes and you have to live with Astles. And I think that's sums it up. I think Brendan Rodgers probably came the closest in the past couple of years, obviously with the whole, you know, thing with the slip. Yeah. That's true. I think Brendan Rafa are more regaled it or should be more rebound. In the Liverpool halls Brennan Rogers came within two points of winning the Tato Rafa Benitez had in my opinion. One of the best comebacks in the history of any soccer in the world, and is stem bull and one at Champions League for Liverpool. And I just I don't get why people questioned the hate of your Klopp. Well, I I love your gin just just to let everyone know, I'm big Uragan supporter. But I've you know, I was texting Martin off the air off the pod and saying I'm starting to get a little boy because I want to love this guy. But he's given me reason not to and you know, he's still in the lead. He plays fantastic football. He's quelled a lot of defensive errors. And when reports on one they I could say they are the best team in Europe when they're on one. But but I will say he's been annoying me lately. So just keep that keep in your back your heads. Okay. Next question's comes from our Instagram..

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