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That this horse Getting beat much but this oxygen follower loves The polly tracking the numbers and then getting big numbers or anything. But she's pretty impressive in both of her races comes from far far off the pace. I wish this would longer for her. She did win both races a mile. That she she looks like she could Stretch out I think she's got a little shove in there at eight to one two. Well Oxfam. Glad you brought up oxygen power. She's a will take charge out of a Sulamani mayor and Apollo. Lobo who I've always. I've always liked. It was a big Pharma Amiga Fan and glad to see Paula. Lobo Kinda getting things Rebooted he was away for a little bit and kind of rebooted his career and That is that that looks like a a a Philly. That'll run as long as they write races. And she might. She might get a little pace the too close into your actually. Yeah we'll we'll be pace and at the no she liked she likes to track. That's the big thing with her. You know she likes it with with the the three favorites in here. You know. You don't know which one's GonNa handle it as well because non been over it so you know I can't I never get. I never get really high on forces that haven't raced over the top. And you know you can lights and horses but I like say I can't get really high on them so I see what they do. He also notably logo sticks with the bug boy and of course it can't it doesn't the break Unless he lost the as he lost the bug. Or You just like you said you can't get an stakes race but I wasn't sure if he'd lost it okay fifty percent. He's a good winter actually. He's at a very good winter. Yeah yeah he has these these. He looks good on Horse Joe Ramos and he looks good. I think I think he'll sit. But you know you can't you got didn't even mentioned Mike Maker Source Cleanup God because you've got Iran Ortiz and I mean it's not the best one of the best in the country right now and This is a horse.

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