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Is 1 43 traffic and weather together, starting with a Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes are we still stuck on the expressway? Especially cell found Tina. This timer sponsored by Walgreens Expressway cellphone that earlier left wing crashed before Neponset that's still there, causing everyone Jim back from Mass have Expressway, North bound heavy curiosity. Delays granted, have a past Freeport and then in the heavy another heavy stretch Columbia Road up to that earlier crash by South Hampton Street through three is looking good now through Weymouth. Donna Plymouth 24. 95 new Issues Lower End of 1 28 93 Nothing in your way between the pike in Braintree. Turned up north. Everything is pretty quiet up that way Out west. The pike both ways Speed limit Does trip between Logan and 2 90 Auburn, No issues on both 4 95 and 2 90 right out through Western. Why Walgreens for your Medicare prescriptions, Convenient refill and pick up options expert pharmacist who know you and your medications and a low cost co pays trust. Walgreen's with your Medicare prescriptions, David said. Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. We've got 19 degrees in Boston right now. Bright sunshine this afternoon, but frigid and windy. Hi. Just 21 feels like the single digits, though. Clear tonight, a little less windy but intensely frigid. We are dropping to about eight degrees Sunset tonight at 4 56 mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow High 25 looking at Monday cloudy and breezy snow developing in the afternoon high 35 on Monday that's no will likely continue Monday night into Tuesday with a potential for significant accumulations, Maybe 10 inches or more. Hi 33 degrees on Tuesday Live local and fiercely independent..

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