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This is when this happens and this is when she cries in the shower and this has been like he's almost dies in the poison and like that was my favorite daniel craig bond movie so we watched that recently. I think it's still holds up pretty well. I mean daniel craig's i pressure. They enhance the blue of his is in that movie. 'cause i remember. It was such a drama that like they cost a blue eyed bond. For a minute that i think they just kind of like amped it up rosenbloom i know i think he has brown eyes But yeah. I mean. I'm i'm interested to watch the rest of these. I don't know if i'm going to be able to sit down. Watch every single one but casino royale is still really enjoyed I completely opposite of bond movies and also obsessed with begging shows that anybody who listens to this dish. This is very true. I just love british things. So i've been watching great british baking show week-to-week and i've been watching halloween baking championship on the food network which i watch every halloween season it's goofy. They bake a bunch of halloween things. great british baking show continues to be my just kind of warm hug when the world gets you down and you just want a nice make nice cuppa and sit down and watch baking shows get that hollywood handshake goin' so popping those if you like baking and comfort and finally i feel like i'm late to the show here but i am finally watching scored game and holy crap. It is so freaking good. I know you've finished it right. Allahyar dude. i won't spoil it. I don't want you to spoil it for me. I just got three episode six. Anybody who's watching this knows what like a hardcore host ridiculous episode. That is a tough one man. This show is good just like edge of my seat the entire time. You think you know who's gonna live and who's gonna die. And then you get curveballs thrown at you ya. I just can't wait to see how it's gonna end. Yeah super popular. People like been putting together games on fortnight. Gta minecraft like everybody's inspired. I've seen like instagram filters freeze or the dollar is gonna shoot your face. Yes i love. All the means that it's making and all the makeup challenges and things and there's some bakery in arizona where you can actually order those like i think they're called dogana like the biscuit things they have to carve out and you can try to do the little challenge i mean they. Don't shoot you in the head. As far as i'm aware hopefully lose a lot of customers like they didn't waste any time on the halloween costumes for that. Like the second that show came out. I'm on google. It's like here you go. Here's all the different. I'm like. I'm not even watching this. I'm sure that con- this year is going to be a lot of squid game costumes. It can refund for sure. That was like the one shot to my brother. If he's listening to you talk about it. Can you talk about square game. Please talk about Yeah okay we'll we'll talk about it. Everyone else is talking about it. Lives up to the hype Yeah well i just watched the chucky series and this is actually leaving off of the last film koto turkey and it's set like now and we'll at least like twenty or seventeen or so..

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