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Kyle, Brandy, Denise Richards discussed on Fred and Angi


Today yeah Kaelin I know you do I love brandy I'm so glad that she's coming back to you I love yeah Paulina you started watching it too I love how much crap she stirs up and I'm really sick of like Kyle in that whole dynamic anyway brandy was grilled on rumors that she had an affair with Denise Richards on the show watch how steamy is that but she wasn't giving any details and set instead she dished on all her famous axes so she was on some podcast and was asked about her relationship with Gerard Butler remember how he didn't want to claim her because she was saying that they did it once and he's like I don't remember what you are yeah and so Gerard Butler she said was lovely very handsome and sexy but claimed he was a little paranoid about the paparazzi when they were together because again he did wanna climber when asked about any other famous hook ups she said she dated David Schwimmer during his friends years buds he wore makeup and concealer out during the day and it annoyed her she couldn't and I am with her on that if you go out during the day you don't just come from the site where obviously they have make up like we'll see that though I don't know why Ross is out here wearing concealer Glanville went on to say that she actually went out on a date with Matt leblanc to and she went with him first but was immediately turned off when they got back to his place and he let his dog lick his ice cream so she didn't have sex with them I'm so brandy's also says I dated a lot I made out a lot I made out with one of the men in the notebook that man was single at the time that's all I'll say the man is only one.

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Kyle, Brandy, Denise Richards discussed on Fred and Angi

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