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Night i guess this adam steinbach he is with the with the grew caught fire the foundation for individual rights and educational you have heard my friend hardy so relate one of the founders of fire in this program on many occasions adam conducted this on investigation was just a couple of years to put this together or longer i started looking at this and i want to say march or april of last year so but here okay but yeah years and this is that they huge undertaking and the point is very is very simple obviously i think we now know that the victim word is always in the right of the victim that if you look at someone the wrong way and they they feel badly that day are by get by pierre own definition they achieve the status of victimhood and it seems to me that the potentially we had a case here and a school bare absence university bumps in college over here in los they were the day after the election a couple college students road through the campus of wells the college which i'm sure you know was to college from which misses clinton graduated and they were all sorts of allegations many of which turned out to be absolutely true as to what the students did and said they work had a jerks and i think they admitted they were kind of jerks because they were home rubbing the election a loss of misses quite good in on the students at wells the college but they were brought up and charges they had trials it is it's it's just amazing i went to college a time when when free speech was value now it seems to me the free speech is minimized that in many cases prosecutors we will continue our conversation with adams time but look teddy joined a conversation tell me what you think six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty come right back tonight.

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