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Expressed racist views the accused Marshall county high school shooter is scheduled to appear in court this morning sixteen year old Gabriel Parker is accused of killing classmates in January he is being tried as an adult for two counts of murder. And fourteen counts of first, degree assault meanwhile the stepfather of Gable Parker may also sorgess Haley, Hanson has more Commonwealth attorney Mark Blankenship is debating whether to. File charges against Justin minyard for not preventing the deadly shooting according to Blankenship minyard should have seen signs that his stepson. Gave Parker was. Troubled minyard is accused of gross negligence for allegedly leaving unsecured. Guns in his home that were acceptable to Parker the. Now sixteen, year old, is accused of opening fire at the school in. January killing, two and injuring more than a dozen others Healy Hanson. NewsRadio eight forty WHAT yes it's eleven oh two at NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s.. Ohio State moles the future of urban Meyer amid. Allegations of domestic abuse by a. Former assistant Coach ABC's. Ryan burrow explains why, Meyer, is being investigated the six person independent panel set up by Ohio State University will try to. Determine if urban Meyer was aware of any abuse by former. Wide receiver coach Zac Smith. Against Smith's wife back in two thousand fifteen Myers. Contract requires him to report any known sexual abuse or assault violations by player staff or faculty to Ohio. States, title nine coordinator Courtney Smith says she repeatedly told Myers wife about the abuse. Of two thousand fifteen urban Meyer speaking at the big ten media day last week denied knowing. Anything about the fifteen allegations Zac Smith was released from the team last week Ryan burrow ABC news secretary of state Mike von, pay was accusing North Korean leader Kim Jong Ruina breaking promises. He made to the president Mike Bauer reports recent reports say the North Korea is, continuing to make bomb fuel and new missiles despite. Kim Jong UN telling President Trump he, was committed. To denuclearization secretary of. State Mike Pompeo said Thursday chairman Kim made a commitment to denuclearize an added that North Korea was behaving in a manner inconsistent With one or both. Of the UN Security Council resolutions you also indicated that the US still had a ways to go in order to achieve the ultimate outcome that we're. Looking for Mike Bauer NBC News. Radio and Donald Trump junior. Is comparing Democrats to Nazis the president's son attended the premiere of a new pro-trump documentary Thursday and set the platform of the Democratic. National Committee is quote awfully similar to the Nazi party I've been hearing the left talking about all these things fascism Nazism on the right and when you look at the actual history. Of how these things have all been when you, actually look at that, platform versus the. Platform of the modern left you say wait, a minute those two are. Really heavily allied and frankly. Contrary to the right he, also suggested that students should not trust what they.

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